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Of two and three hundred thousand dollars a accumulated in medical school by doing these risky surgery on risky surgeries on elderly people and the outcomes are disastrous and you all know who Neil Armstrong is what you probably don't know is that heart surgeons killed him as a result of trying to do heart surgery on him that he did not need now doctor John McDougall who is a medical doctor author internist he's got a great newsletter you should check out he wrote about it this last well you wrote about it not long ago and you should go back and read that because now all we find this last week that it's just just now been uncovered that Neil Armstrong's family settled privately a multi million dollar suit against these heart surgeons for killing him shortly after the tragic death of this American hero Neil Armstrong resulting from unnecessary bypass surgery a doctor John McDougall wrote about how the heart surgeons killed the man then the first man on the moon and then recently the New York Times published an article outlining the fate of Mister Armstrong and how the details of his untimely death were capped silence and now they've come to light Neil Armstrong course who made the giant leap for mankind as the first human to set foot on the moon died on Saturday August the twenty fifth two thousand twelve the cause of death according to his family was complications resulting from cardio vascular procedures they call it and this is always classic when the death certificate rarely will tell medical ms surgery or medical botched surgery the corners always covered there the **** of their colleagues of course now Neil Armstrong had just celebrated his eighty second birthday when he went into a hospital on August sixth two thousand twelve for a cardiac stress test well you flaunt it and the next day that the surgeon slam dunked him in to bypass surgery for bypass surgery for blockages now keep in mind that from all accounts Mr Neil Armstrong was strong and a healthy man at his age with good it with many good years ahead of him and tell he stepped on the treadmill which gave because to the doctors to say all my gosh we gotta get you into surgery right away which he did need to and there could have been other things it could've been done like careful observation and watching that didn't happen now this limited information from the media was enough to at least tell a doctor John McDougall MD internist and former professor medicine to conclude that Neil Armstrong's death was avoidable he should have never been operated on his doctors gambled and we lost an American hero course when my dad was operated on it and put a pacemaker in I lost my hero now until the mid nineteen eighties octogenarians people in their eighties were spared from heart bypass surgery because the elderly are generally less able to withstand the rigors of surgery like heart and lung machines and the many hours of major surgery that they have two indoor younger people can better tolerate that plus the life expectancy of people having reached the age of eighty years is limited to begin with yet there is the economic side of the equation ladies and gentleman doctors and hospitals have increasingly appreciated the market potential vis a vis the the income the added income as a spread out their their turf to operate on people in this age bracket and they have published multiple papers in an attempt to justify taking extreme risks with the elderly if you could read the comments on my website of all the people that their family members died as a result of unnecessary medical procedures you gotta go and read it at doctor Bob dot com under this article so you're you have a man from all accounts who was healthy he was a symptomatic who had many years at AM and tell you stepped on the treadmill to give doctors justification to put him on a conveyor belt to the operating room and beyond his former doctors undoubtedly have regret for the decisions but not enough to change their ways they all the world an explanation for their actions in light of this common knowledge now that's been held back for two decades you know by this extreme lucrative heart surgery you know there are plenty of options for people like this you can put him on the big deal will program dean Ornish's program his lifestyle program proven to shut down and reverse heart disease the Pritikin program plenty of things you could do chelation therapy in this age bracket rather than rolling the dice subjecting our mothers and fathers and grandfathers grandfathers to.

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