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Listen, man. Wow. That's her name. Dickey? Babysitter your kids. Yeah. Okay. So this is a long time ago. Not recently, I babysit for Muslim in and I can do a pretty good, Leslie Mann, and she talk like this. TV like what she she was awesome. They were cool. Yeah. This is the line from welcome. Welcome to win say, what's with all these dolls? What's what's with all these dolls? That's pretty good. I don't even know the showing. Okay, buddy. This lady's yelling at me. Wait what I'm still ios stuff? Okay. Bunny? Oh. You know, what you're going to say. Are you going to say, Leslie, man, what's six? Planning through. She picked. That's not her name. I asked you what you real. That's an actor. I thought bunny was Leslie man, I saw I said what is your real name and yelled you, Leslie, man. But that's not got ahead of yourself. I'm sure you smoked a lot of weed. I'm very proud of you. But I need you to focus. Not pick such a shitty. Name. Leslie van is just too. Okay. I love Judd. And Leslie says hi to be sometimes so. Right. Can you picture it? Like, I'm judge friend. You know, you just got worked into it had to be okay. Okay. So we've got Leslie. Jeff goldblum. Let me look at the panel. I don't think you're feeling better. Thanks, Leslie, Mann addition. I didn't know all right. I got I for three. I exciting game. I want everyone to have a chance where is? Queen L Qasr play. Clean out. Where are you at? Oh, I could see you high side section over here. It's really guys. So people sitting over there can't see you at all. So just talking into the void. But what's your name real name, Jennifer? And why did you call yourself that? Queen L costly. Don't you have to dress up as specific person when you're cost playing? And do so many different people that she has her own name place. Oh, no. All right. Nice. And who's your suggestion for today? Really? Do you? Do you have any that are less dead? Man, just kidding around. Because Brittany Murphy's dot going to hear it. Okay. So I'm sure that didn't help fell as much but today, we're gonna play films of Brittany Murphy. Leslie, man, Jeff Goldblum. Mickey you won that last game. So you gotta go first then Andrew then Justin then me I like to play along. And don't forget about your lifeline. I recommend using it early. But I'm crazy like that. What do you got Nikki clueless? Lead off the Leslie man, I was little forty year over surprised. I think Mickey is saving those Leslie man's to really clean up at the end. Justin, the fly. Jeff. Okay. That's how we're going to play. It. Do you ever when Jeff Goldblum was described earlier as tall guy? Yeah. He's in a movie called the tall guy. No way. That is so fun. Title, even the Brown. Yeah. Quite wait. What? There's people try to say it's the tall, man. But I disagree. It's my show. Back to you. Nikki ladies talking again. This is forty forty those. Did you see that movie? Keep who's right Paul or Leslie. I don't remember the plot line enough to wait. Upset that they made her more more terrible than she needed to be. Remember, I feel like Joe actually wrote down things that Leslie said to him. When you see somebody say, that's Paul Rudd. You're like come on. Paul road, you talk. You don't talk to my Paul Rudd like that. We all do feel like keep we like, he's hours. Yeah. There's nothing. He can do roses sweetheart clueless. Okay. Back to that. Again, Andrew eight mile. Oh. Nice. Just it knocked up. We man. Oh, I have to say cause I just saw in it's nuts. Welcome tomorrow in. Yeah movies. We're. The cable guy. Yeah. Oh fuck. The cable, man. Cable, dude. You got this Andrew oh independence day. Jeff. I was like those ladies word in that. To sin city ready. Murphy. Full title. No. That was the full title of the first one. No, I think there was more words even in the first one it was. All right settled down. Thanks, guys. Intense. Care for that. What was that one where she was all like? And he was like sorry every movie. Oh, yeah. Rhetorical. I wasn't. Was it hoping for actual answers? I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go deep Jeff Goldblum and say invasion of the body snatchers..

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