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Jim Hackett says the partnership with Volkswagen will help the two companies pursue the latest technological advancements. A UN report says the world's thirst for fresh water is causing a salty problem. The study by researchers from Canada, the Netherlands and South Korea, find deceleration plants around the world producing enough Brian waste to swamp an area the size of. Florida with a foot of salty water every year. Researchers won't that much of the Brian is being dumped untreated into the sea and some is causing harm to see life because of toxic chemicals, the researchers called for better Brian management, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia which rely heavily on desalinating. They noted that studies have shown Brian can be used in equa cultures to boost yields of salt, tolerant species of fish and the metals and salts contained in it could be mined. Chinese Internet users are speaking out on social media after losing access to Microsoft's Bing, search engine people have complained online about the ruling communist parties, increasingly tight online censorship with some accusing regulators of choking off access to information others complained. They were forced to use Chinese. Search engines they say deliver poor results being complied with government censorship. Rules bakes quoting foreign websites that are blocked by Chinese filters from search results, president, Xi Jinping's. Government steadily tightened control over online activity, Microsoft confirmed in a statement Bing was inaccessible in China. It's the company's trying to determine next steps. The shutdown and federal workers. I'm Tim Maguire within a p newsman that President Trump agrees to a short term continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown. Congressional negotiators have three weeks to work out a deal. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, please that we reach an agreement to reopen government now. So that we can have a discussion on how to secure our borders. Trump says any agreement has to include funding for his border wall having barriers fencing or walls, or whatever you wanna call. It will be an important part of the solution. EPA lawyer kaylene Castelli says the shutdown was painful, definitely welcome getting paid because you are.

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