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Everything that you thought you knew about vitamins ritual is the brand that's reinventing the experience with nine essential nutrients women lack the most if you're ready to invest in your health do it i did and go to ritual dot com slash vine your future self will thank you for taking ritual considerate your lifelong health for a one k why put anything but clean ingredients backed by real science in your body go to ritual dot com slash vine the soon as i was like finding out all this information i was like yep hooked me up send me all the bottles we'll be back with more off the vine with kaitlyn bristowe eddie sent you we're here to put up flag in the ground and tell the world of better you starts with a better water this isn't fashion this is science essentially is supercharged ionized alkaline water with a nine point five or higher ph and a clean smooth taste essential is designed for the doers the believers the overachievers drink it in and do all the things that make you extraordinary guys if you like the show check out shenanigans with sheena shea every wednesday on podcast one everyone's favourite from vendor pump rules star as she shares juicy stories from behind the bar with amazing guests like jasmine good southern charms ship rose and so many more check out shenanigans with sheena shea at podcast one and apple podcasts and also remember to rate and review.

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