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And that's a good there and they have all world goaltender. But that was a big part of our less in having jacques robinson these guys just you look at them and they they just yet such respect for them but i was a real good. I'm not gonna say speech but a couple of days before jock made sure we understood. We could beat them already. What was the question you were going to have for about. Scott steve. Yeah he came over. How long shanahan signed. The free agent deals saint louis. And you guys would just awarded scott stevens after that. What was that all about. I know ameral all right. I mean obviously and they'd offer to pretty damn good players. Rod bryn mawr incurs. joseph goaltender. I believe and i don't know the business aspect back then we're just players but obviously it was tampering. Saint louis had slyly. Offered brendan shanahan. This outrageous four year contract was he restricted. Some i don't i figured dachshund offer sheet kinda before the author. She yes exactly how they're going to gain buddy was against the league rules. Whatever that was so it goes to arbitration court. And they're offering joseph and bryn mawr. Kim you have pretty awesome players. Shanahan was going to be a player. Second overall pick but he hadn't quite a stab somebody who's getting there. You could see he was going to be an elite player scored thirty goals power forward tough as nails and lamelo shoot. Shot for the stars says. No we want scott stevens somehow. Some way the saint louis or the arbitrator ordered a scott stiegler scottish lou. Lou shot for the fence. I think he would have been pretty content. Curtis joseph and rodman at the time. Yeah wait at that. Don't call me. But i'm almost positive. That was the the deal. Initially that they were trying to give us some great players in their own right obviously right so we got stevens the rest history now. We had you know that big tough defense went on the back end. You know. Scott was drafted by your. He was fifth overall. I believe in my year in plot against him to washington. Couldn't stand him either. But i i always wanted to be. I always use that term. The poor man scott stevens. I'm going to be the poor. Man's scott stevens not as good offensively but that tough nasty big hitter But just that was. I'd be happy with that but when we got him i was certainly going kappa. This guys aren't team now like now. We're starting to become formidable. Now we got scott stevens. Now we've got a real good nucleus the guys up front and then we get to draft scott. Tomorrow still underrated me the best most effortless skater i've ever seen in the game has ever seen. I love that kid. He's just awesome. He was nineteen years when he was nineteen years old. And i was thirty and still a little bit of a wild man throughout my career and when i grow up i wanna be scott on word of a lie. We're still real close. Such respect from just because the way he cared himself in the way handle is life and on and off the ice and and as far as a player. I still think he doesn't get enough. I still don't think. I know he's also under the radar. He's quite sacrificing. He's a quiet guy. But just so well-thought-out such an intelligent guy and but had that burning desire to win it just the game looked easy to him. So sometimes look trying. I never seen a guy want to win like tomorrow. He just did it in a different study. Play with them anaheim minutes and you'd have one beat sweater asked jessica but he also competitor he. He would get angry. Look no further than he got a ten game such. I never had a ten games from china. Rattus mentioned national need crack. Peter well over the head with his stick at ten games for no he had enough enough. He kept getting started. Alfredsson snap lamey. He had that little foolish. I'm gonna need what he club guys. Now schalke over the head with got ten games for it needs had that competitive spirit as you. You don't win four cups. You don't win everywhere you go. And wherever he goes they happened to yes because he's highly skilled but he has that that heart that yes that will and character. I love them. We were like oh we room together at times. We were like oscar and felix. But but he's a guy he's one of the guys you know you not many guys you because everybody has their own lives and you move on you. Try to stay in touch. Always have special bond five guys in on those devils teams won all three cups together. Don't matter if you don't see each other for ten years it's like you never left. Who are the five that when when all a stevens broder myself It's sergei brilliant. Tonight named five snyder. Stevens me broder waylon. yeah sometimes. People sergei brilliant and now the guy doesn't there's always the unsung heroes. He was kind of the swiss army knife. Could do it all. Yeah he was one of those guys you had to have to win. And he was the other guy had won all three so anytime i see sergey still working. We call syria brilliant. He works organizations. It's like he had that special bond. We want three times together. Feel you don't have to say it means something. And and but when we got steve and then we got mr and then we got brodeur. I'm like oh man. Now we got that all world goaltender even though you just thought even though he had an established soviet you saw the second year. Yeah this broader kids are going to be pretty good because he had a quiet confidence about them that you had to have the net and and the rest is history one those three times and we always had a chance. You're not gonna win every year but we knew we had the and core and you don't they don't stay together that long we had five guys were together. Ten years pretty. Well just doesn't happen too often you'll end and three defensemen and a goaltender. So the chemistry you're able to end the bond and just on and off. The ice becomes an important factor of why were so consistent defensively and in arizona and i made a mardi was like a third defenseman. I could peel off. Not getting my face run into the boards. I knew the pass would be right on my stick better than any defense or the past that i could give you know so it just all those elements helped so much along the way that Pretty amazing app from a team. That couldn't win twenty games to still being around because usually get traded when you become good and lou had many reasons off the ice to trade me many times. But that's what. I love the boat alarm. You know. This is unreal. We don't wanna keep you all day though but we need to hear a couple of loose stories that you've probably never forgot..

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