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Record out my voice memo but someone will be next. I'll be talking to someone and then we'll get into a car with the car radio applying and it'll absolutely what it'll what whatever. I'm thinking you know gotta catch fast absolutely and easily forgotten too and I always feel bad about going. I was feeling kind of ego about a guy mainly that go back going like hey guys just shut up. Shut up plays. I've got an idea you know like I. I could never do that in a room. Full of pay or with with anyone on with. Here's a suggestion. Go to the bathroom. Hey where there's music playing in a in bathroom sometimes by by not you know Neil Young has ruled that Regardless of what is going on in the moment where he is what he's doing if a thong comes to him everything stops. Yeah Mala and he gets that idea down before that goes away because he knows it's fleeting and we don't have all of them coming like you said. Sometimes we'll get you might get a bunch and a couple of days but then you might go months without getting another one so they really are valuable and they're also valuable because they're all different and you never know which one is the great one you know. Maybe one of the best ones evaporated. Yeah I family belay. I genuinely believe that I could have songs. That are my best song or whatever you know. There's definitely things that have disappeared that that would've been great but that's just life okay. Well I'M GONNA give you permission to always either ask people to be quiet or to or to invite you to leave where you are to go. Capture these ideas. Because you're doing doing a service to the world. Why that's that's actually really powerful to hear from me a ribbon. Can I get a little sound bought from you saying hey everyone can you get the fuck out Kevin? He's good just plan to the light July. Hey I will make one for you and send it amazing diving magazine just like hey guys regrouping when we come back. We'll have more with Kevin Parker. Small businesses are grappling with the impact of these uncertain times and looking for resources. That's why does technologies assembled an all star lineup of podcasters to create the first ever virtual conference to share advice and inspiration for small businesses. Here from Pushkin Industry's own Jacob. Weisberg Malcolm Gladwin Michael Lewis. Dull technologies advisors are also here to help you navigate remote. Working Essentials dealt technologies recommends windows ten pro for business tuna now by searching dull technologies. Small Business POD FERENCE ON RADIO DOT COM spotify or apple. Podcasts starting may first back with Rick and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. Do you listen to music for law? I Don and I and I want to more. I have less and less since I started making music since music became the thing that I do. I've been more and more preoccupied with making it so I haven't given myself Tom. Listen to it like it's extremely difficult. Fa May to justify putting on an album to listen to over potentially thinking of a song because for me like if I put on an album. That's an hour that I wouldn't have an idea you know. I'm that obsessed with coming up with new. I was like finding a new law a making a new song because making a new song makes me feel like nothing else in the world. There's no other feeling in the world that I get from the feeling of starting a new song that I think has great potential sadly more so than than listening to something that that is equally. That is great. You know but but I do want to. I do want to force myself to listen to more music. I had taught of the Creator and his nod wiring today. He said like he wakes up every morning. Listens to two hours of music before. That's amazing I WANNA do that. You know just like you ever started a song with another song in mind Like someone already exhibit some sort of just like a song. A song from the sixties anything. Wow this is my inspiration. What would I do that? It would be a mistake not not suggesting copying it but I'm saying being invited by to WanNa make something that makes you feel like that seals not that I know of but something that do sometimes kind of subconsciously. There might be a song playing in the background. Like you know in a like on the radio or something and then like delegates switched off and then. I'll think of something that goes on from there like I'll have the rhythm and maybe the key in my mind subconsciously. Start seeing that goes on from that as though as though the song kept going with it changed. There's an example of that which I don't know I feel like I'm GonNa get busted while you know fuck it. It was It was two thousand twelve. Now there's a song well. My Song feels that we're going to go backwards. A. Must've been listening to the UAE. I've traced it back. I think I was listening to this song by beach. House earlier that morning it's cold walk in the park. I think. And it's funny because it's the same tempo in the same key and possibly even similar codes but it was at the time it was. It was too much of a coincidence and I'm pretty sure it was around that time. That song came out so. I'm pretty sure that I'd done that with that song. Kind of like that solid stopped and then I'd kind of just like my brandon continued on same tempo and key maybe even light. It's probably even like a little motif in there. That's the same kind of Combo two or three nuts. Yom and so. That's something happens. I don't think there's anything I think all great artists are heavily inspired by artists in its own good. Yeah what's funny? Is that when I say that now? It doesn't seem that bad but but I think back then I used to be so precious about like the sacred melodies sacredness of of artistry being being Holy Holy as like w edged the inspired and not influenced by anything so like back then I would have thought that was terrible but now now that I said out loud it's kind of this is one of the ways that let great song can come out and then especially when I discovered on appreciated hip hop more like sampling. And stuff like that so you know that's that's another whole realm of taking these interests. I think creative use of a sample to create serving new is. It's just a new form. It's like it's creativity beautiful way to express yourself. Let some things for a new US like. It's really cool. Yeah it's also a completely Other category of skill. That can be Mazda that I didn't realize early on when I start making SAC- rock install not that I have used of sampled myself but like I used to think like someone's done that already. Like hacking take credit for that but finding that in itself and realizing how can be reimagined Ray? Presented is extremely difficult especially when there's an ABS. There's a universe of music at like finding the right thing to use and how to ease something that I that I admire extremely now. Let's it can happen. Even I mean even with cover. Sol's AH different. Artists could take the same song that someone else bid and just through their interpretation of it completely change. The meaning of the song is so much that can happen in the personalization processes music fully fully. Like that That Mad World Sung United. It's a it's not really somber song. Yes and it's like. How could this song of ever Other than this yes. The the cover version is spectacular. Yeah and if you listen back to original it's cool but the cover is it. Yeah exactly rate example the first BG's hit was the phone if they wrote for Otis redding do you know the story not not how one another love somebody k. Live so mad they were at for. Reading Amend Otis Redding died and never got to record it and they recorded themselves and put it out when you hear that song. You don't think about as ready you think of the BJ's it's like a classic example of a song in their mind that was for someone else. Yeah Yeah I like hearing stories that is kind of comforting for me to know that there's that kind of uncertainty honest have as well with with where song should end up anything else about well tended to ask you about everything you've done but I don't know that does probably something times. What was what was recording. California cash unlock. Just because that was one of the album's that like was big from A. That was kind of like my first year of highschool album that I was kind of obsessed with physically the way it worked with Julie Uppers we would. It would write songs on their own for a long period of time that we together in pre production playing the songs in various stages of of community and we would talk about him and discuss key strengths and weaknesses and how they could may be better when you many bars or whether they had maybe not enough parts a and and we would usually by the time of that album. Really workup the songs as a live band in in the rehearsal room so that when we went into the studio it was surely getting the performance like everything was worked out completely just with the players maybe not all of the words yet but I think back then maybe many of the words were already written when they can perform it live and wow amid goal of that really was to to to not confuse the writing process with the performance process. So that when we were in the studio we really knew what we were doing and and Phil we like play the same Song Hundred Times. Yeah get.

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