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Graham wiping him down still being his butler. Night is excited. That having tend to be us he becoming his butler and then notices josh briggs hitting tire with a sledgehammer and offers him anita takeout. Grimes in a match today which he accepts. And then we have. Cameron grinds versus josh briggs beyond commentary rigs has the size advantage here and is all over. Grimes start dibiase bets. Not double or nothing that grunge with the match which is twenty thousand dollars because they had a bed which net accepts camera grabs winds tend to be us he gets the money left the match night punches out to ringside when grimes runs out to help night drops him with a snare snappier driver on the outside. La nights scream superstar. That's what i'm saying. He might get called up son age where he. I don't think. I don't think they should be wasting time with him down there he she. She's wanna he'll he'll get that because he's older in age way change agree on raw he will he be older in age. He gets up there. And they'll do he'll be he'll be there. Obviously drew mcintyre versus. He's going to be going to be the fungi. C three fucking of the call ups but i'll without the the the the lackluster talent. Because at least fucking Away night as a fucking talented wrestler. But he'll be the easy three guy because he like you came from impact Okay we could burn you out. I had six We'll go to the best as locker room castle. Rahab lecture. Andy hartwell whatever we states. Who cares take that they segment which we zoe. Stocks indy and and You'll shirai onto anyone cares about that either. Any heart willing. Dexter loomis face robert stone jesse camelia. Of course eddie. Hartwell dexter lewis win but read your thoughts on andy hartwell proposing the next or loomis and now they're getting married. What who I this is why. I don't like nfc for this bullshit. Do you think any homeless hot. No you did. That's your boo apartment. Thinks she's a little attractive but they lie so pardon me the little attractive now. This is a stupid fucking fodder of them trying to to bring role kind of storyline down to annex seen. No no one cares about this. No fans give a fuck about this..

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