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And and we just shook hands right there was that somebody because i i guess so to add on the at uses gang i guess the best just the evening portion was probably fifteen to twenty minutes usual morning a ton of eternity ritzy as we'll take another twenty thirty one total he would have reyshahri about like fifty the sixty minutes the bay and a very intensive journal in such as i said did this is great i would love to infuriate to life but i wanna do is mike five minutes today and we also talk about a there's many how many selfdevelopment books or self growth books whatever you'd be called on be have all these great tips the what to implement your life for uh you know there is also a great book at that time came out lewis had been disadvantaged by sean acre he the harvard professor and he had where he did all these great studies of what gratitude can do to your overall wellbeing or or journalist or affirmations or just off all this stuff with actual scientific by the proof that these things work but it is but with all these books you read them but what about the followthrough howdy actually implement all these things into your daily life finesse where bj came together has had and because at that time like i said before the way we met really was it was usually looking for that news for that idea to create a business and i said well we have to wait until the right idea comes out and when we kind of were talking about there's only this is at this idea that can help us actually bring this gap and actually create a product of value and most importantly i was excited about this unusual lose to decide about this because this is something that we would actually want to have in our allies and use that will help us live better lives that's how i really believe the best products we start something that you want to having your lives and because i had a successful business prior i said you j logist uses of five july jia as a way to uh helpless launch of business on a side and but ruling to help you.

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