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There are some universities and colleges out there that trying to provide educational learning to be on their campus facilities but there aren't very many when you get down there when you gotta go to campus you gotta be admitted you gotta go and be a student there but Hillsdale college I know there's a different example Hillsdale college of top of the list of colleges that try and do provide education beyond the campus Hillsdale professors create online video courses identical to what's taught in the classroom and they offer them free to anybody wants to take him and there are no strings attached and they're full fledged each course can have ten to twelve of these lectures up to forty minutes you watch them online whenever you have time online on demand and why would they do this user well that doesn't make sense people give stuff away not folks they love teaching they really love being the reason people learn and they believe in what they teach you know we're all looking for ways to persuade people we're all looking for ways to preserve what we have and make it better Hillsdale this is the way they're going about it they can't get everybody that wants to go and rolled on campus is not big enough so they have these courses on the constitution on American history on things they consider important and they make them free a teacher about free market economy is they teach about the greatest books ever written they teach about American history.

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