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Is the FOX thirteen? Coverage not, just, oh this is another black man that this has happened. To this is a man had children with that loved his girlfriend that loves his mother left his. Father that's every time I talked to anybody that you if you saw someone these children She was she was just a good man he. Was created in his smarts challenging time in cosc- from these pictures that that exudes from that and. Now you have someone that snuffed out his life that is walking around the streets And there's a. Lot of conversation over the next few weeks and months and years about the ground law and the. Problems that there are with the Sandra how a disproportionately does not benefit people of color How they're too many nuances in the law and that is to loosely applied either, by state attorney her either by a judge. In, ultimately this case is not stand your ground I have. A conversation with MS Rahmatullah McCabe and we put our heads together and based on the statue stack this case is not a single ground case however the sheriff decided based on his, interpretation of the law he declined to arrest Mr. And if in fact. Mr. Drake was arrested and this is one of the problems with angel ground if he was, arrested and for some reason he prevailed. On a standard round defense it offers the share to possible litigation so the sheriff who was supposed to be, the lawmaker and the law man should not. Have, to worry about being open to litigation about making a. Lawful arrest or doing investigation However it is our, position? Has Damato home seventy.

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