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It's pretty crazy, you know, vaccinations and all that. It's two thousand nineteen the squad staff member is one of five people in king Pearson, snow, Mitch counties to come down with the extremely contagious virus this week this week also, both Edmonds antics school districts announced significant staff cuts to bridge, multi million dollar budget, gaps. Chris reykdal is Washington's superintendent of public instruction. He says, a shakeup in state funding plus new healthcare plans is putting some districts in a real bind marketed readjusting. They are figuring out whether they can afford their expenditures from the past, and they will have to make staff reductions, if they can't afford it under the model most or fine. Some are gonna make hard choices the cuts actually aren't teachers but positions that go beyond the state definition of basic education. Right. Let's check Kaya radio. Real time traffic Miley, Katie talked to me. All right with the seven ten ball game tonight. Both directions of I five are struggling to get in and out of the city in Kirkland. Southbound four zero five traffic is stop and go between seventy s. Forty four DOT reports that there's a crash on southbound five near two hundred and sixtieth street. If you're heading to Seattle from Lynnwood it's gonna take you about forty minutes. This report is sponsored by mattress depot. USA during mattress depots USA patriots sale. Get revolutionary savings like a Sealy Queen set for just three ninety nine the pursuit of happiest begins with a great night's sleep. Click mattress depot USA dot com. I'm Miley, Katie. With KIRO radio realtime traffic. Is Kyra seven pinpoint weather forecast, a little bit of rain around this evening and tonight into tomorrow, a few showers, but also some sun breaks morning temperatures starting off forty s to around fifty highs tomorrow close to sixty. I'm KIRO seven chief meteorologist Morgan Palmer. Thanks morgan. Cloudy, sixty three downtown Seattle. I'm Frank shires from spanaway to sunset hill, these Cairo radio ninety seven three FM news and talk powered by the Pacific northwest. I'm. You get nothing. Everyday four thirty you choose your news. Three different stories. You vote with turn the shore to you about four fifty or so if you missed it, you can get all the winning choose your news stories by downloading the KIRO radio app. Just click the candy, Mike and Todd wore the last best hope of earth onto the last winter's celebrate. You gentlemen today. It's both of you. If you didn't win choose new state, you can try again, tomorrow at four thirty-three, Mike, close your story surf, so mine is I am here to offer you some free advice on how to make yourself a better person this, I will also be applying to myself to see, you know, these are, it's an interesting list of, of one. I'm only gonna read, you ten forty one famous quotes, that will improve you as a person one. We all must either wear out or rust out, every one of us might choice is to wear out. That's the Roosevelt. I like that one. So, so Neil young. That's a restaurant. And I love this one. So, so it's not what this is a I think it's pronounced at pivoting it's a Greek philosopher, it's not what happens to you. But how you react to it. That's matter. And let live in that matters. Let me tell you this little story behind it. There's a story of alcoholic father with two sons, one follows his father's footsteps and ends up struggling through the drunk and the other becomes successful silver businessmen each or asked, why are you the way you are? And the answer for both is the same. Yeah. Right. Yep. Exactly. And then by favorite one, I'm actually not going to get to all ten of my favorite ones. Character is faith. That's Herrick, light Assad, and other Greek philosopher. And then one of my favorite ones that I've read this one before, is you roll down, scroll down here is I lost. I love that. I think I lost. No, because the world was not big enough for Alexander the great but a coffin was. There you go. I like that. But I liked the one about lost it. I've thought about that so much almost lost it. I know. But the thing is you have been losing so much Todd that. That's why you immediately corporated it into your life. I and I'm on a bad one news today. Todd, what do you have the center square? So back in the day, Mattel, the Senator go, cool hunting. So they were looking for ways to spy ship the KENDALL, so they went out.

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