Anthony Weiner, Andrew Weiner, President Trump discussed on Tom Sullivan


Weiner is on the loose. They let him out of prison today. Well, they let them out of of. I don't even know if it was it wasn't a wasn't even a prison. It was kind of one of those club fed type places. And now he's going to some sort of transitional in other words, halfway house. And everybody's wondering where is Andrew Weiner. Anthony weiner. I'm sorry. Where's Anthony Weiner? What what neighborhood is the on? Is he living in you probably move back to Queen somewhere. He'll be fine. There. They'll have to notify well if it's a halfway house. I don't know what they do. He is a registered sex offender. So I don't know if they have to oh, you probably go on the Megan's lists thing. See where he lives. Oh, man. Do you think that guy's cured? He spent fifteen months in prison. Fifteen months. I gotta tell you. There's something wrong with him. Now, I know the difference between him and bazo is that bazo was shopping his photos with his legal legal age girlfriend where Anthony Weiner was shopping his with under a with an underage girl. But aren't they of the same mindset? Aren't they? And then it's coming down to where bazo girlfriend was showing the photos to all her friends, sending them to all her girlfriends. I'm telling you, there's I don't know why my life is too simple. I need need to step it up. Somehow this way too simple. Byron York trimed in on this whole McCabe interview as well. Confirming many of the rumors the interview confirmed many of the rumors that have certainly been swirling around DC. It really is a stunning revelation, and it's more evidence that rod Rosenstein really did discuss wearing a wire to secretly record. The president really did discuss whether the twenty fifth amendment could be invoked to remove the president. And that the F B I really did open a counterintelligence investigation directed specifically at the president right after the firing of James, call me to see if the president was some sort of.

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