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Dave roberts. Not sure. Wise team can't beat the red legs. I don't have an answer for the Red Sox who we as a team dome. So these are important things as we all understand and our guys understand that. But unfortunately, we can't find a way to get a win here breads and dodgers will go one more time today at twelve thirty five in Tampa Bay the Indians beat the raise two to nothing yon gums and Edwin Encarnacion with homerun shots. Rookie righty Shane Bieber. One is ten th game of the season tribe and raise go in the series rubber match at one ten today. Red Sox become baseball's first team to clinch a playoff spot in soccer, the US men's team tops Mexico. One nil crew SC goalies X Stephen three saves on ten shots in the NFL. The Bengals host Baltimore tomorrow night at eight twenty both teams won their respective week one games. And in college football, Ohio State of thirteen point favorite Saturday night versus TCU buckeyes in horned frogs. Kgo eight PM inside of AT and T stadium in Dallas sophomore linebacker in Texas. Native Barron Browning says TCU will be a good test Saturday quarterback pretty well. Sean is real close to high school. Know he can run he can throw and another got some pretty good running backs fastest along. So just really folks I'm going through, you know, from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk. Eric, researchers radio six ten WTVN forty-seven Mike Elliott in for Joel Joel back on the radio tomorrow and a big day. If you are a fan of apple products today is the day of the unveil the new phones, the new upgrades is look, and no one really knows. But it's speculated that they're going to announce a bigger apple iphone X. I think it's an ex Asir an ex mega turbo super-secret who knows. But it's a bigger bigger. Apple iphone, no home button, facial recognition. There's going to be upgrades to the apple watch. So that's that is happening today at a reading this little blurb about seventy percent of Americans said, they play video games on their smartphones. Seventy percent. It's roughly two hundred eleven million people a lot of people playing video games. On their smartphones. I am not one of them. I actually use my phone. Phone calls. I know I know Ken. Ken Stevens in the newsroom working on the latest on this hurricane. Florence now. Expected to take a slightly new path got some updated data. What are you know, Ken? Yeah, they're talking about it. Now, shifting Mike toured the southern coast of North Carolina. Northern half of the South Carolina coast team. Record Brock long says today's the last day for residents under mandatory evacuation orders. You don't do it. Now, your time is going to be running out. And once the impact of the storm start to come in. It's going to be very difficult for first responders to get to you. And you're putting your life and you're putting yourself in danger. During these numbers are just incredible. My coastal North Carolina expected to get twenty to thirty inches of rain some areas of South Carolina expected to get more than three feet of rainfall. Franken county commissioners approving a plan that's going to bring some new lighting sculptures, new landscaping to the west.

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