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Roadshow so number thirty three trice on Saturday this week we are at Tim Is Making Great Coffee Aka coast coffee and tea good morning good afternoon good evening good night for the steelers point it's not just point as Tartus and to all my Taiwanese friends all win and more win dog let's all way show job being a whole ta cheers to you too we are in San Juan Capistrano this week in Beautiful San Juan and songs written about it and people that are going there specifically for the missions and some of the other delightful things they have there what about the birds and the birds the swallows and the swans notes swallows returning to Kevin astronomy so we didn't return well we did return Capistrano because we the first time we went through we found a fabulous little coffee store and it's called Tim is making great coffee it's not third wave it's not but it's great coffee when we got to Chins we found that he is the sole proprietor and he'll explain some of that to you as we go through the interview tim only serves anti of coffee but he serves three or four ways I could not imagine a more diametrically different coffee store this week compared to last week last week we're at bird rock not too far geographically away but an interesting jump to Tim Store for Tim's isn't the easiest star to find but the people in the surrounding neighborhoods absolutely nowhere to find him and certainly the local Mutiti as well as now a growing national audience has found that Tim does make a Great Cup of coffee. When you've named your store Tim is making great coffee there are Sir only some things you have to live up to now for the travelogue portion of As we moved up the coast from San Diego we chose our second coffee shop in the city of San Juan Capistrano this beautiful city of thirty five thousand people was the site for the mission San Juan Capistrano the Sierra Chapel in the mission is also the oldest function federal building in use California Trivia for wine enthusiasts the area is the first vineyard and winery in California those monks they knew how to live it up shirt from shopping antique hunting wine tasting into some shops San Capistrano has everything you need for a memorable vacation or a permanent home to find great coffee and fabulous food look no further than the five star rated Tim is making Great Coffee Aka coast coffee and tea sit back relax or yourself a cup of Joe and enjoy price on sanity we are at ten makes a Great Cup of coffee otherwise known as coast coffee and tea and we're here with the owner this morning on this beautiful day in California Tim I'm wondering if you could introduce yourself sure my name is tim last name is L. A. Oh that's pronounced Leo like Chow in Italian with Ellen stead at Tim's me Congra- Coffee San Juan Capistrano California. Tim Tell me how you got let's start with your coffee history I have you mentioned drinking coffee own your life and if so so what made you decide you want to open a store yeah I had the love affair with coffee ever since high school I I it was kind of rebellious and cool thing to do was not allowed obviously when I was the younger to drink coffee at home I remember when I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area in San Jose and road when they opened up first starbucks in our community back in the early to mid nineties I remember got my mom and saying we need to go to that place just sounds like a really cool place and and then we went to I went with a friend to a concert ah the grand opening of our new arena in San Jose back back in nineteen ninety three or so and concerts it was a Kenny G. concert at all concerts but it was sponsored by starbucks coffee and I just remember that commercial thinking wow this must be a really cool phenomenon that's happening in so as you got into coffee what made you decide now was that your chosen career choice or did you do something else before I went to college got degree also got a culinary degree that's my shows in your French toast that we've had this morning that's for sure so you started off with the corner did you agree to that kind of lead you into owning store what happened was my my parents owned a couple of restaurants and flower shop when we were younger uh when I was growing up and it was a hard I from there I knew it was a hard existence it was it was not an easy thing and the last one that my parents did was to invested in microbrewery restaurant in Kauai Hawaii in in the night nineteen ninety s and due to several issues like Hurricane Nikki and their of their business went belly up and they lost a good chunk of their retirement savings so I always wanted tone my own restaurant or cafe but from my parents experiencing how risky it was and how hard I was to lose money I'd why did I would hold off for years and I went to do Technology and I worked in the computer industry for a while and but the reason I got into coffee interestingly because not only do I love coffee but it was just it was just a less expensive risk than opening up a full blown restaurant so no one family had had ventured into coffee before is that right okay so what was the biggest surprise for you owning your own store now what's been the biggest pluses minuses that you found since opening your own store the copy businesses is interesting I mean first thing if you don't like coffee don't if you're not in the coffee then you shouldn't own a coffee shop same thing was I think any other type of business like if you if you're not into alcohol didn't don't own a bar don't unless Alchoholic a lot of immigrants like my parents came to the United States and where did they come from taking from Taiwan so they were looking at owning several times the restaurants and a lot of immigrants come to own certain types of shops like I- brother-in-law's Cambodian and Cambodians are famous owning donut shops but I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing or bad thing because even though immigrants are hard workers they don't necessarily like that certain type of food or certain type of drink I'm hence your description of alcohol in the bar at Cetera but these people may not enjoy the foods at yes so to me owning a coffee shop you really have to like coffee you really have to have a taste for coffee and interesting about that is a small coffee shops mom and POPs like this one here the type of coffee you're gonNA drink is very indicative of what type of copied owner likes since the owner has pretty much latitude to doing good serving whatever you want if he likes light rose coffee you're going to get light roast coffee dark roast coffee in the dark roast coffee and as far as the the customers do you think they gravitate to your store because of what you're doing as far as the way that you're making the roast and and what kind of roles are you making for people and or have you changed that on your customer base I subscribe to a very different philosophy with copy than most of third third wave coffee shops eh I serve one type of high quality organic coffee and that is a good thing for most people that are now there are some people I've had I've had some negative responses like disappointed that I don't have more varietals UPI beans I only serve a few methods of brewing it I'd have poor over US an option but the the bun machine that I have makes really the coffee and I guess we should we should tell your audience that I actually run this coffee shop by myself so running a coffee shop by yourself you have to be productive you have to you have to simplify and the problem with doing four overs as a one man operation is that it would be near impossible in in the morning when people are waiting in line and if the machine could do it just as well for you then you should trust the machines to do it and all we are doing this interview Tim has one eye on me and one eye on his front door via video monitoring so he is not joking about the one in operation he has mastered all parts of this including being the chef here as well yes and if you could tell me why I know a number of our list offers of over the last season have found that we have stopped a number of places that have a roaster on site and I was very curious our first trip through ahead discussed why you do not have a roaster here I'm wondering if you could explain the roasting part of the coffee businesses very different than the brewing part of the coffee business and therefore when you go to small coffee shop small mom and pop coffee shop sometimes you will see a roaster planted right in front of the store and that often gives people indication that their coffee is that they're serving is freshly roasted the truth of it is most people go towards so roasting because the profit margin is is greater when Roche coffee rather than when you buy from a roaster already and that's not to me that's not a good reason to roast your own beans most experts and most people that have been in this industry for very long time share with me what you need if you're GonNa Roche your copies you literally have to hire a person to go travel the world me the producers meet the growers and see being comes from an tasted and then bring it back to America and rose Sabin's locally but you don't want the person that's making your coffee to Barista or the cashier hosting your coffee it just there's just it's just a lot there's not enough time to do it correctly and you've been here how many years now four years and what would you say is the biggest plus that you found now having a run the shop for this period of time did you make the right career choice out attack in into the coffee business I don't foresee myself getting wealthy from being a coffee shop owner you can't really just so coffee you do have to sell other things says baked goods and also food and do you have more customers coming in as a result of just being in the neighborhood or did you get a lot of referrals from people coming here I've already had one this morning that said no they had a store within just a few blocks of their house but they drove here because they liked this particular what kind of coffee yes so people probably find out about us by accident or despite driving past a sign as I have on the road my store is not facing the main street it's kind of hidden in the back so one of the things that I've had to do is I've had to make these a frame signs and get kind of creative about I put them out and I have about forty different adjectives and I'll change them every day so the the name of the stores tim is making great coffee but I could change those agitators from great to like if it's raining it's rainy day coffee if it's there's also Sassy there's a wicked like the way the Bostonians and New England people back you say wicked wicked coffee Tim's me wicked coffee on Sundays for church going folk I made just want to send a copy coffee Tim's mcgabe coffee which means Christ I'd love to get the people from outside of the area and if so then did they refer to you as their coffee store is that what you're getting us in fact I do I have people that come only visit this I've been open for four years now and I have people that have come not only visit the area like once or twice I see year and don't make it a part of their tin airy to come to this coffee shop and that to me is a real blessing because it makes me think well how people make an effort to come out to my coffee shop even though there there's hundreds coffeeshops to choose from they choose make mine part of Dr Larry I would say upwards of ninety nine point seven percent of the people that I have encountered have been incredible people really nice and I otherwise I probably would quit doing this a long time ago but part of it is day day will give you a certainly away a certain first and foremost because you're not a starbucks they'll come in here and go wow thank you for not being another starbucks or another corporate store.

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