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Artists are also painting murals on newly boarded up buildings with messages like in this together and stay safe reveals Emily Harris has been talking to business owners in white center it's a window into how the corona viruses affecting the thirty million small businesses around the country and the changes that communities like this will face as they struggle to survive wait center got associated with the coronavirus early on there were no reported cases there but it was the first spot county officials chose to put a quarantine facility temporary trailers with isolation rooms for up to forty people I found out about it maybe ten minutes before the press release and was just extremely irritated see the civil set leads the white center community development association a nonprofit that supports families and small businesses she didn't question the need for quarantine centers around Seattle she questions the powers that be imposing it on white center a low income longtime immigrant neighborhood with little political clout this wasn't about not wanting to help people who have to deal the corona is just look where you're putting it you continuing to perpetuate you know this whole institutionalized racism and not giving white center community a voice in something like this is really important ana Castro heard about plans for the quarantine center from her sister the two have owned a bakery and restaurant in white center for almost twenty five years and then say no homo and then there is a quiet day I thought well if we have that here we're not gonna have any customer to come into our bakery the center still hasn't opened but the corona virus has nearly shut down on his business anyway she's only doing take out and had to lay off half the employees she and her sister now work seven days a week they clean they sell they enforce social distancing other.

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