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CHARLEENA's which thought at is really really quite hard. Because you so program to eat yeah I, had had headaches didn't realize I couldn't drink so sometimes. wrong now of stuff in mccaw fe, and I was wrong, but I'm going to go into the real groove of it. That's when the results coming in and originally took an test last year took it actually managed to school forty more points on my previous goal of one hundred one and I think it went up to one hundred forty one. Must Have Young. Yeah, but it like a five year period and I'll. Say because my mindset completely changed from that day to this day so back then. I was just like a guy. Goes Jim in the army you know. Might drinking was on to how myself? I'm now in civilian street. How do I become a stretch professional? How you start to understand the concepts of what I'm learning outweigh understand securities hall how to understand how to talk to people about. I, don't know when on this massive spiral Abou. How's IT become more treasury? You were talking about looking to fund that intelligent. Need you your hugest law There was a big jump, so just carry on with that story. Yes, I was just looking at ways of how to change lifestyle, so that would be exercise. That's bond rating of here. As fast and really helped diet was already big one. Recently have become vegetarian prior to the text cited, but I found that may with energy levels, but more also looked into nutri picks now if anyone's looked into neutral, it's. A very smoke Americana subject is yeah look. and. It's like bobbies. Witchcraft and wizardry and you don't know what's going on the thing that I. One of my friends recommended lion's Mane to me now lion's Mane's just a mushroom, but it's been. It's been shown to have benefits on the benefits, process, information and Have Positive Health benefits with your brain. Now I've been doing it now for about buying free full H.. And don't have as much brain fog as I did before now the brain I I do have. Only comes on I. Eat one I'M GONNA. Foxy site might thinking very clear. It's very precise. Actually took my exam fasted and. I didn't take that exam ineffectually state I would have struggled massively..

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