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That, kind of stuff where the elevator the body elevator would just go up and, down. And up and down I couldn't figure that. Out but anyway so good well you know nine one one means help and maybe we ought to set up a to what does it to, six six would be boo so if, ghosts have a place to call if they have, to, if you're a ghost cult who six six. And we'll, help you thank you Tim and appreciate the back of a great week we'll talk soon. Look for you on Twitter too and coming up next so don't give up. On palm reading yet, right I mean it's good to be skeptics also better to talk to the best in the business about it and we will with Vernon Mahabharata next on coast to coast AM this is he Get a new view of the world? With coast to. Coast AM do you still think too that the way things are going global elite still want to dominate the, planet and that they might succeed. Well I think they did, dominate the, planet for. A, long time, until seventeen seventy six because the founding fathers decided to form a new form of government one would be on laws that were. Turtle right that people have unalienable will the Kabbalah or the people, that had ruled the earth the cool they didn't like that though. For two, hundred, forty two years they've been trying to get. It back and we America has and that's the, fight that we see. Going on right now doesn't it still feel. Out. Of kilter, though to you there's something wrong there's a grand force out there that need not just once, they need to capture the soul of the world but I don't. Think they're gonna Win I don't think they're going to win here Stacy Cohen, with the daily consumer..

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