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This is a fox news alerts sent ambassador supposed to be questioned in the impeachment inquiry and a half hour will not show up I'm Dave Anthony's being ordered not to fox's John decker live the White House the state department has directed ambassador Gordon Sunland not to appear today for his schedule transcribed interview before three house committees intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says he will now draft a subpoena to try to get the US ambassador to the European Union to appear later today for a closed door interview Magellan expect to hear from chef and a half hour as the Democrats committee is also continuing to try to protect the whistleblower the house committee is considering what it calls extraordinary moves to protect the whistle blowers identity and is still on schedule upcoming interview among those potential measures according to The Washington Post obscuring the whistle blowers appearance and voice Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham has vowed to expose the anonymous whistle blowers against president trump if Democrats move forward with impeachment Dave on John Syria's reaching out to Kurdish fighters who have been US allies in the fight against ISIS urging him to join government forces there as Turkey gets ready to move in to target the currency claims are terrorists president trump insists it's time for the US to get out I campaigned on the fact that I was going to bring our or soldiers home and bring them home as rapidly as possible the president says he's fulfilling a campaign promise but there have been critics on both the left and the right in Congress Chinese state TV says it will not air NBA preseason games this week still upset over Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey's weekend tweet backing pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong NBA commissioner Adam silver said this morning the long held values of the NBA are to support freedom of expression on the NBA initially had said it regretted mori's comments strong criticism from some in Congress.

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