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Vince will yes I think this was a little hot yeah he had he's the one the recovered the ball but I've actually been at the bottom of that pile of maybe a little aggressive understandably so afterwards you know things happen down at the bottom of politics he took offense to it and he end up getting the call does he he's the one that drew the call the second guy always gets it yet the retaliation always seems to get caught that is the cost of the yard it's back to the fourteenth that's where the Steelers set up forty five seconds into the second spitter herky jerky start to this game you take the fifteen yard penalty you want the football in the Steelers were able to process the ball there that's the big thing so from the fourteen yard line tied at seven minutes in the second quarter basin Rudolph takes the snap turn right give the Jaylen Samuels searching along the right hash mark across the fifteen the seventeen yard line running in to a couple of white Jersey defenders led by Michael rockers off the defensive end spot yeah that was a three tight end set with an offense of linemen reporting as the third tied in so if I'm not mistaken transaction for either third tight end is in an active today's only two tight ends and no full backs with the injury to Roosevelt mix Jalin Samuels the single set back with Rudolph under center on second seven from the seventeen yard line snapped turn left to to give once again the Samuels final hole running left staring at the numbers outside of the twenty hours four to twenty five in what amounts like Gee the Ramsey with right shoulder pad into his chest but he picks up ten yards to move the chains Steelers with their best one of the day they had ran for eleven yards on nine carries before that ten yard personally sandals for her staff well they went to a little bit this is a pretty tight ends call thirteen personnel in the and that's you know that's usually power football that's what you're seeing a little little taste the power football reaching back into the good old days of the week Steelers.

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