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A little special bonus you can give them sure i don't actually live on my own way website so i'm easiest to find on facebook where i run a page that i call archetype universe i'm thinking about it now that we're talking so much about branding in using your own strengths in your business in actually creating your business around your own strengths in who you are i think the best thing i could give away is a free branding archetype test were you will get all your archetypes listed in in the order with the most points at the top in less points at the bottom but were the two top archetypes will show you your strengths and when you have taken the test it will be taking to some links that will show you what's your strength as your archetype art and what your challenges are that you best overcome so using your strengths of course and then how can they find that what is the website so that's an http dot slash slash okay and then it's jamie c dot com slash branding and my name is spelled j a m i e s ib dot com branding jamie seib dot com branding and then branding and s will they'll find this freebie the they will find the the okay yes and they just registered there and do the test and they get results well it sounds like a lot of value in that jamie you bet great and then you're a facebook group is archetype universe well that's not actually the group that is the page.

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