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Trainers thing varley we've got this one yeah i've just going to say the score could indicate what's going on here but he's skating off very gingerly put any weight on his left leg so that's what it is be hyperextension or something like that and you're right very got no penalty on this fell awkwardly i'm not sure if he was helped along by berry but nonetheless varlamov is now headed to the avalanche dressing room and jonathan bernier comes on with six twenty one hundred the goal that bernie age berg gay does not get hurt we'll have the local scott foster coming in again you've seen our share of the goal actually what's there was talk before the game because every game there is an emergency goaltender in attendance and somebody saw the guy walking in with his goaltender equipment tonight because of what happened last night everybody was making a big deal of it jonathan comes in seven games over the five hundred mark faceoff will be in the neutral zone he gets himself stretched out is not given any warm up shots like scott foster was in that game i think everybody just got a story what gotta give this kid he's thirty six years of age making his nhl debut a couple of shots yeah you seem pretty comfortable after that bernie by the way in his career against the blackhawks three to an old with one shutout shut up came while he was a member of the anaheim ducks ashley four nothing was six fifty now left on the clock nimmo hawk zone shirley chasing down the puck behind the net you'll carry it out move ahead now at center ice artem anisimov took it in over the high slot anisimov tried to drop it at the right point in did ultimately there to your co along the right boards eastern right circle shoots and that's why the net and martensson was creating a great strain hillman for the left point slaps it down to the corner where martensson put a shoulder induce eudora off a nissan off intercepts the puck left circle of martin center front turns and fires and this hit berry in deflects up into.

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