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It was pretty close to a rebuild, but there was fan surveys and ownership and management meetings about it. And that ended up with a four year member. It was right down to the wire. It was right before the free agent period that malkin signed, and that chance is gone. And so now you have to wait out these contracts to see what you can get out of them, but also what can you bring in, like, what can you fit in the cap? To help them be better. What is it? How much is it? Are you going to do something about a goalie like that? I don't see a scenario where Tristan jarry's back. I do wonder if the next thing we're going to hear on a Pittsburgh is a complete reshuffling of everything of the front office of the management, I wonder if that's the first thing we hear. Crosby retired a penguin. I know. We have to think about it, but I remember mentioning this a year plus ago, right? Because honestly, because of what you just said, the direction of the organization where they embracing a renovation, all of those things, it was conceivable. There were discussions about whether or not they considered to do what the fan base would consider to be unthinkable, but I don't know. Chase and other cheesy to think this, but isn't there a way that you go cheese wouldn't him and Nate McKinnon be fun to watch on the scene? But then I go, but then when I see that, I'm like, well, that's just fantasy because it's Sid gonna play anytime soon for a $1 million? No, no. Wherever he's been the most underpaid guy in the game. Forever, yes. And Pittsburgh's lucky, they are, I hope the people there understand that, you know, when they talk about Crosby of all the commitment and dedication he's given to the penguins, but he's also left buckets of money on the team.

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