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Junior. Take anything better than that. I mean just because she was in that state doesn't mean she couldn't be there to love her and care for her. Maybe not as much watch as she potentially could but they're still love and care to be given yeah so this also <hes> whitley becomes the first kid in who comes into your home but not by a very long shot lost yes yeah then after he'd graduate high school <hes> we decided added to open our home for one child under the age of two and then the first call comes in and two kids two year old and a two month old. Emily's like chris we do. This is crazy. We can't take him to kids like that. Sounds like madness. I don't know how to take care of kids and eventually she's pretty convincing and we said yes and then realize and i realized that okay. We can do this and so they come in. They're scared out of their minds and be girl this attachment to him and it became hooked him. We just knew we had to be doing this. The rest for allies and we kept inviting more kids in opening your home to two more children and mentioned. We got up to five even before we got married. He had five kids with you. Yes before marriage before marriage and also kids that came from other homes and i'm guessing also tough circumstances and a lotta kisses. Oh yeah. I mean one child that we came. He been kicked out of every foster home that he's been a part art of every daycare. He's been a part of and he came to our house and emily and i we we worked with them and we didn't give up on him and he went from pulling hair ears screaming. Just grabbing things just biking. It just broke. I can't tell you how many decorations he broke in the screen with a screened in porch and just for fun he he loved the rip holes in it it just it was a nightmare at times but <hes> we just kept praising him when he did do the right thing and he just wanted attention. My key always got attention when he did something bad from his previous locations and so we began to give him attention for me did things the right way and started give attention to the negative. Thanks thanks less than less than it really began to transform him and he became a a great little kid so you're both going through your own own stuff. You're in your early mid twenty s at this point. There's no instruction manual for parenting least none that i've ever seen you it was ever shown us and it's interesting because what you're sharing sorta like a lot of behavioral modeling and sorta likely how do we actually work work with kids who really troubled and struggled in a way that that shows a level sorta like wisdom and observation and awareness from somebody who you wouldn't necessarily expect from like your average twenty something year old in this situation in any situation. Yeah i mean again so emily grew up nurturing that she grew up to mentor ship program. She did a family services to greet. She's worked at group homes volunteered at groups on.

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