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Hey you got. Can You bring this to this party. Can You bring it to that party. Can you donate to this event. Can you do that and so we we kind of knew that it was popular enough and and we spread out a little further than that even because a friend of ours had a restaurant we were able to take samples down and just try it with people that didn't know US necessarily and get some maybe a little bit more on feedback yet right next to someone drinking and angry orchard because they angry overthrow on top there and they're trying to ours and we're just asking him. You know like hey which of these you prefer and why we're getting that kind of feedback. I asked him how they knew that they had a hit on their hands with their cider a lot of junk people on the floor. That's definitely that's yeah that'd be an indicator no <hes> they had taken it to a couple of places and while let them tell you about it we went to our an event is it's pretty big event here in Modesto Boxing Baru they call it. It's a it's a fundraiser it benefits children's charities we went to an event and this is what kind of turn off for me we're serving CIDER and we had a number number of people that was one of the biggest I events into and oh. I don't like cider a really okay cool. It doesn't cost anything to try some. Hey that's pretty good that doesn't that doesn't taste like normal so we're kind of fires that you know they're saying like guys. Were walking by care for cider next thing you know. All of a sudden guys are coming back next thing you know they show up at our shop. I wanted to buy some insiders so that kind of you know when people come up to you and say they don't like a product they try that product of yours and then come and actually search you out to buy it. I that was an indicator to me at least that we had something that could be successful in the market..

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