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I mean in the way we were numb just numb from all what was going on. Emi just buried ourselves into the work. I. With doozy's, for instance, Howard wanted to do newsies. But he just was not physically capable of doing it. and. So I took it on with Jack Feldman. And here I am ready getting ready for the first recording sessions with full orchestra. Out in La. I forget which songs was maybe as carrying the bat I can't remember which one it was but. And that was a I was the bag was they are getting packed. And I and That was the day our died and I had to fly out to La have the recording session. Fly Back? From L. A. to Baltimore for the Funeral Janice bent down there, and then she went back to New York and I had to fly back to. La. and was a sense of. Put One foot front of the other you gotTa do what you gotTa do. And You know and Tim. Rice came aboard on Latin to finish it. might my fear was? Will I ever duplicate that success I had with Howard and then the first one we wrote was a whole new world so it was like ugly it out So, many layers to this. Yes, it's. It's honoring my collaborator and celebrating the work he did and protecting the work that we did together and. Moving on with my life I was young. And feeling responsibility to Disney as well as everybody involved and. And loving the projects and So, I just poured myself into. Every subsequent collaboration just as I did with Howard. taking that's what Howard want me to do. And I have but. Before I had recurring dreams about. Howard. Even. Not just that one where he passed but it was went on for. Twenty years he would be visiting and we'd be talking and You know sometimes it'd be a treatment who was frustrated that he couldn't write no wet. You know what dreams me I don't we all have to analyze the..

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