President Trump, Senator Orrin Hatch, John Brennan discussed on Howie Carr


Store near. You From the. WBZ newsroom this, he's WBZ news eighty six degrees I'm Jay writes the White House is ending the, security clearance. Of a former high level intelligence head press secretary Sarah Sanders right President Trump's statement on that decision today and. Decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan former director of the Central Intelligence Agency Sanders accused Brennan of lying to the American public on, a variety of sensitive. Issues she added Brennan has made a series of. Unfounded and outrageous statements about the Trump administration a top Republican lawmaker is taking issue. After President Trump called maroshek manigault Newman a dog Utah Senator Orrin Hatch says he's not comfortable with that term I don't think where. It's like that should be used especially by the presence I have a lot of regard for the president I understand how snotty some of this stuff is that they do do to him. But even then I think he has to rise above that war of words, has been ongoing this week between maroshek and the president after she accused him of being a liar and a racist reality TV star went on several news shows to promote. Her new book, unhinged where she details her days as a White House staffer mosquito carrying the West, Nile virus. Has been found in New Bedford mayor John Mitchell's office says they were informed by the state health department that, the sample was taken near oak grove Cemetery on Parker street in light of that Bristol County will conduct more ground spring in that area of the. Cemetery, as well as in city parks the spring will take place in the, early morning hours of tomorrow people living near the cemetery or those parks are urged to close their windows tonight Today is the last day to register to vote in Massachusetts for the September. Fourth primary. Registration can be done in person online or by mail local. Election offices are open until. Eight o'clock, tonight Mayland, registrations must be. Postmarked today WBZ news time is five thirty, three in sports the Red. Sox battle the Phillies one more time tonight at citizens. Bank park first pitch at seven oh five, the pre-game WBZ Sam begins at six twenty. Forecast for today mostly clear around seventy tomorrow sunny hot, big humid eightieth, near ninety some, storms late, day evening and overnight. Friday hot and humid near ninety. Some of those showers and storms will. Carry into Saturday we dry out for Sunday lot..

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