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All right let's check in with rob woodfork All right the nationals and mets about to get underway at Nats park in the season opener in WTO peace Dave Preston is their alive with a preview of the long anticipated game Rob were about to get underway in about 5 minutes or so and all eyes were on the left arm of Patrick Corbin as he pitches the season opener the left hander won 14 games two years ago but he lost a league high 16 last season This is also a completely different Nats lineup just two starters Tonight we're in the starting lineup one year ago today In fact we've tweeted the new Nats line of Fortnite at WTO P nationals and mets about to get underway All right Dave the opening round of the masters are rap Sanjay M atop the leaderboard at 5 under Cameron Smith a shot off the pace and Dustin Johnson headlines the three way tie two strokes back and Tiger Woods very much in the mix at one under He says his preparation for round two includes lots of ice Yeah I can relate enough said Tiger According to ESPN stats and info this is the 11th time that Tiger Woods is shot under par in an opening round at the masters He's finishing the top ten and 9 of those previous ten instances including four of his 5 green jacket wins I picked them to win so I'm just gonna say but I'm not saying The case against the NFL for racial discrimination is added two more names Steve Wilkes a former assistant for Ron Rivera and Carolina and ray Horton joined the lawsuit file by Brian Flores the ex head coach of the Miami Dolphins Rob would fork to believe Ethiopia sports.

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