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This is business rockstars this is rock stars really doing my Greg Weisman they are the co founders of boosters thanks so much for being here thank you so for those who are not familiar if you could explain it should start this officers is a clean company company we started out with baking offer Alaina mixes that you can purchase anywhere in the country at that physical retail or online and then we also offer a subscription based kit offering that that you can get once a month in your house I'm a huge dessert lovers so love that it's a little less guilty or a little more guilt very very cool so where did the idea come from first food service by yeah children originally but I delete chickens on her own came up with the original idea and there was always a pain point or a problem to solve and this case is pregnant with her second child and knew that she wanted to work but she wanted to do something that would involve the kids and allow her self the time to disconnect and connect with her children so I she thought the kitchen would be the best way to do that and I came from crafting ideas from the subscription businesses are popular at the time but none of them are focused on treats and so that was the origin idea that's where it originally came from and that you connect with her and then they connect with me and our amazing brand killing it I'm sorry great ideas come from solving a problem so in this case delete wants to work she loves to work and but how do you do that when you are raising a family I think this everybody's crazy busy lives you gotta find those times to really can act to make it easier but not taking away from the desk on something like baking exactly and also speaking to the modern consumer I think that I believe is really smart and noticing there's a hole in the marketplace but you look at a perimeter of a store and you see all of these just as in how can I will like to point out and button there's now has about ten of innovation in the center of the store and that's the heart of what we eat is better I own and really being able to stay as a modern consumer we want something that tastes good something that has better ingredients that's kinder to our planet and it's at an affordable price and that didn't exist it was the one initially who saw that opportunity and sometimes and then techniques are nine you know when in the marketplace and found out there was a nice white space where an idea could flourish awesome well coming up with capital is always a struggle our our entrepreneurs and I know that you guys have successfully secured funding so I'd love for you guys to share a little bit at the vice when it comes to securing funding and that dear research before you go and find out what they've invested N. or look for people who have invested in either like minded people are like minded ideas are in a space that similar and then you connect with the audience you go into that room and you figure out what about your product whether it's tax whether it's you know an actual physical product what makes it means something to that person you're literally asking someone to give you their money and why and so you really have to find that commonality that is a reason for them to do it what that question that I would say make sure you have a destructive idea is that usually helps make sure you have an amazing patch stack and then have the spelling capability to do that I think when and and Yasser Machon we talked about with the leaders have strong seven visors that raise money before and have all that I have a tool box they can guide you into the three things that are required that your idea of make sure that when you walk in a minute talking investors they were like what is inside people you know ten minutes ago tell me the same thing you know so that is a good idea and then on that stack that's were you focusing your vision your strategy and you know how much money an array is where are you going to use the funds and and there's so many great tablets out there from brands to raise tens of millions of dollars so find one of those decks use that as a template and populate it with your own stuff and then we also talk about a practice in front of a mere actors in front of the harshest critics believe was did Dennis that target ask about I'm practiced in front of her kids who were the harshest critics and that will shape you and and make for a better and presentation and I don't think entrepreneurs are raising money ever go to that kind of level of record when it comes to raising manage come over that idea and they can't even action solid and investors turn off to it so he follows three guiding principles that seems to be a fact number that an investor here's how many pages a day yeah separate and everybody else and I was surprised to read that you felt that your career and background in Hollywood did not necessarily help you or give you an advantage to raising money anything I think it was a hunter and I think we had more to France definitely maybe help us get in the door and take the meeting as a novelty but then you have this huge mountain to climb over it definitely not an advantage well I love you guys are doing thank you so much for stopping by ensuring all your business insights really appreciate it thank you that we were rock stars you are officially rockstars for I think one thing that's incredibly important and seems pretty novel at first at least it did to me was really having incredibly clear company values and making sure that you just iron them into people like you know some of ours would be like surprise and delight is a huge thing for us that's how we measure performance in a lot of ways is like how often do you come back in like surprise and delight.

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