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The backyard throw three grilled chicken breasts on there. You don't get white rice and black beans Cuban stop, and that's nine points because beans, a free means are all you pay for us to right? So I'll put a Cup and a half, right? And put nine point. And I could eat the bean your gaming the system, can aren't you who gives a fuck. Listen, the reason why all those diet because I'm honest with you now are wedge Boeing, I read your book three times, you have four dishes likely the other ones you come close to me. We can't talk the fucking quit, y'all. Don't even come by. I don't like Honey Chile. Now, there's one thing I didn't like him to Chile. I like you the spaghetti you make spaghetti Palestine up. But the key wa there's a lot of shit. But I'm gonna tell you ready for me. What about what about like stir fry like, salmon and rice and veg chopped up? No Brown rice in my world. No never gonna nor mine. White rice humanly Cute cute. disrespect to take. I can't. I can't. I do have a problem lately that you're not gonna fuck and believe. Oh, I got the fucking Italian thing. And I've been talking to different Italian people, and they all time like a month into Sebastian. When those bachelor goes so passionate, you believe at this age. I can't eat cheese them. I had a problem with my stomach for three or four months. Didn't know what it was horrible farts daughter had cancer. You know, I thought she jaws George Saint Pierre doing an interview on Rogan. I'm like if he's got cancer fucking. Can you imagine what my is? And I and I got scared. I realized that went to the doctor, and I started taking things away to go the edibles for a while. And still my stomach was bothering me. And I had that coconut. Flav? The what was the thing? I got you the goals of protein protein drink. It was a low carb something kitchen. Glow. Carb coconut vanilla.

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