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Yeah quite the price tag quite the price tag. I mean i don't know. I think i think this season like today. I think the capitals win with mantha coming mathur coming in. I mean he's a pretty strong guy you know. He played on the red wings. So now he's coming To the capitals. he's definitely gonna be playing a lot better But long term i mean. You're losing out a hunt jacob ron. I think he's going to be pretty good. I'm the next couple of years is going to be a pretty efficient scorer. Who's a first round pick and twenty and a second round. Pick so richard panik to i. I'm not really too familiar with how. His outlook is for the future. He's a little bit older. i think. I think he's got twenty nine or thirty or something. He's actually thirty so be as bottom six. I think that he's playing third-line minutes. I think four or five minutes. So no he's plant their lineman. It's you know know. But jacob rana is a good piece is really. He's you know he's young and you might say i mean so's anthony mantha. I do like his contract. He's got three more years after this one for five point seven million the cap. It's not bad at all But you know i digress. It's it'll be interesting to see how the How they continue with this i i. I wasn't expecting such a sister price. I feel like it got better as the days. When long i was able to kinda like sit down and look at it and think that method is actually probably really going to help out this team right now but I just don't know man. I mean he's got three points in two games so yeah so he's definitely he's definitely on the right role but that about concludes it. I think for me at least on the deadline. Trains anything else. You want to mention. Nope i'm good. We spent a good amount of time on that so definitely lot to break down. I was actually thinking about doing a emergency episode of coventry. I know if. I didn't have school than yeah. I would've no. There's so much happening. I talked a lot that happened. I know some people kind of boring. But i'm anthony tree. Made it worth it..

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