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Fox News Thirty-seven-year-old democratic presidential hopeful Pete buddhis- says his age reflects a significant shift in the country. The south bend, Indiana, mayor appeared at a town hall in New Hampshire, hosted by Fox News. We're not just living through another election. I believe we're living through one of those transitions between moments in American history. As consequential as the one that brought us the new deal or the dawn of the Reagan era, which I would argue is actually a forty year period that is only now come crashing to a halt with the hostile takeover of the Republican party by the current president. And it does call for that longer view. So everybody's got different attributes that they bring one of the ones, I bring, I think, is the possibility of that kind of generational shift Buddha. Judge would be the youngest president in US history. If elected President Trump reacting to the Fox News, townhall on Twitter with a shot at moderator Chris Wallace. The president says I like Mike Wallis better referring to quiz Wallis his father, the former sixty minutes. Correspondent he then referred to Bush saying. Out, Freddie Newman will never be president. The latest Fox News poll has the mayor tight with President Trump in a head-to-head matchup. The president also urging antiabortion activists to stay United for the twenty twenty election. Alabama just passed a Bill outlawing abortion in nearly all cases with many other states passing laws, restricting women's access to abortion Trump did not specifically mention Alabama, but his series of tweets clearly suggested that he believes that law in Alabama went too far. It certainly went further than what President Trump says he supports. I am strongly pro-life, President Trump tweeted with the three exceptions rape, incest, and protecting the life of the mother. Fox's Ellison Barbara the White House. An explosion today outside the US embassy compound in Baghdad. There are no casualties. Hey State Department spokesman says that a low great rocket landed within the international zone near the US embassy and that there was no significant damage. This is Fox News. i'm john hancock were in the studio with allison love from alison loves fine jewelry we talk about you being the jewelry problem-solver so spring cleaning means you run across stuff that you've had forever you haven't worn since last time you looked at it but what do you do with it repurpose it i love salvin julie problems and i'm good at it i've been doing it my whole life takes on that somebody's not wearing and turn it into something that becomes their favourite piece you're like a custom designer people come in and they've got to three dominance they would like to trade in because i'd like to have one larger dominant we do that all the time you've got the quantity you've got the quality and you can kick butt on price we do because we don't have the overhead we compete all day every day i've got a great selection of dominance i know firsthand what women want so when somebody comes in and they're looking to buy something for girlfriend or wife or for.

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