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It And then that crazy host Charlie read on MSNBC. She said that Trump was pretending to have cove it so he could get out of the debate and made it. Yeah, is that Trump is the one who's been trying to get out of the debate. Ah, so and then, of course, the usual Hollywood hater Brigade Bette Midler, Patricia Our cat, Kathy Griffin, Rob Reiner. Michael Rapaport. You know they're They're tweeting about bleach. They're tweeting about. Things that aren't true because Trump was joking about the bleach, and they're treating about Trump, saying it was a hoax. And basically saying he deserves it. Now it's one thing. If you know Hollywood celebrities But it's a whole other thing. If we're talking about the speaker of the house, right or the minority leader, Nancy Pelosi comes out and basically Uh, you said that it's the president's fault. He brought it on himself for getting sick. And then she has this disclaimer that she always does, she says. I'm praying for you right disingenuous. And so she's saying more than seven million Americans who have contracted the covert virus somehow are responsible for their own illness. I guess a woman who has breast cancer is responsible for the cancer. You had Governor Ralph Northam, Virginia completely shut down. He's a doctor and the governor and he's a warm ask him and first lady and he contracted covert 19. No matter what you do, you may get it. You may not get it, no matter what happens, you may get the flu. Get the flu shot. You don't get the flu, but seemingly they have special rules for Trump. That would never apply to Nancy Pelosi or to Joe Biden, or to Governor Ralph Northam or several other governors, Democrat and Republican and have contracted the virus. It's no one's fault if they get sick. It's no one's fault. He's doing everything he can. He's an essential worker. He's out there doing what he's going to do. And as I prayed to God, Joe Biden done get sick. But if he does The coverage would be completely different now, before I let you go, James Hirsen of Newsmax, etcetera. Give me your thoughts on justice. Or shall I say Judge Amy Cockney Barrett and what the Democrats are going to do to her and the senator McConnell came out a few hours ago and said All GOP senators need to be back and healthy on October the the 19th which is what, Like 2.5 weeks from now we think they will be. But instead of saying Look This is good for the country to have a full Supreme Court, the Democrats say. Get ready. The electoral college packed the US Supreme Court pay people, not the work. Government takeover of health care. Make Puerto Rico and Washington D C and maybe the Solomon Islands states So they want to fundamentally change the country. Give me your thoughts on Judge Barrett. First of all, Judge Barrett is an exemplary judge. An amazing human being with an incredible story. You know, you just see the picture of her and her family of seven kids. Two kids adopted from Haiti and one special needs child and she's just amazing person and she cork for Antonin Scalia. Her decisions are coherent, logical and she is, in fact, an originalist, which is exactly what we need. And we cannot off Ford bill to go into this election season, where Biden has hired hundreds of lawyers and have the potential off the uber constitutional crisis. For the Supreme Court is deciding the presidential election and they tie for four. We cannot afford that possibility. So we have to have a full court. We have to have nine justices, so there is no tie, and it's in the hands of two very powerful Republican senators. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. And so far they seem to be standing their ground Democrats. You're throwing every everything, everything. Now it's the covert technique. They say. Well, since the president come down with Covitz in some senators have come out down with Kobe. We must delay, which is, of course, what they're going to do on everything. They're going to be filing. They're going to be having motions arcane rules. But Lindsey Graham all yes to do is what the appointed times we're done. We're taking a boat now and do it in the same thing with Mitch McConnell and they could get this thing done before the election, which must be done. You know, James Herson. I fundamentally love my country reform. Absolutely. We can always get a little bit better. But I don't live in a country where one party can pack the US Supreme Court. One party can admit Washington D, C and porter rate going on other Pacific Islands to the states because they're all going to be Democrats. I don't want to live in a country where one party packs the Senate packs. The House of Representatives packs the Supreme Court. Controls the presidency away. We go if they get away with that, well, we're gonna have one party rule through the end of this century, and that's not good, And that's where we're headed at the Democrats win and we're headed toward one party rule. And it's kind of sad Day. Kim Jonathan, the brutal dictator of North Korea, has sent President Trump Good tidings and greetings, hoping for a fast recovery and 40% of Democrats want him dead. Now, that is sad..

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