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Georgia Southern eastern Michigan teams that finished their season real strongly. What stands out between these two? Yeah. It's exciting to watch to working class teams in the MAC conference in the sun belt conference try to really put an explanation point on their season Georgia Southern fighting hard for that tenth win. You see that with all of the players saying we're wanna get that tenth win. Same thing on the opposite side of the ball with eastern Michigan wanting to get their eighth win of the season with Georgia Southern offensively. It is Ron Ron Ron it dominates their offense. What do you like about that offensive coordinator, Bob? The bass has come in and installed a hybrid shotgun triple option, it's a it's a really fun option style to watch play. But it is very run. Heavy Georgia Southern leads the sunbelt rushing towards sixty yards per game on eastern Michigan side of the ball. Defensively their weaknesses in the run game giving up one hundred ninety two yards per game. So they're going to rely eastern. Michigan is going to need to rely on their all MAC defensive end. Max Crosby and thirteen all MAC, Jeremiah Harris, Georgia Southern has seven guys that run the ball with regularity. That is going to be fun to keep track. O- for eastern Michigan. We'll be keeping track of the quarterbacks. You talk about them offense to really capable quarterbacks. Did certainly could start at a lot of program. Yeah. They've used to different quarterbacks throughout the season. Tyler Wiegert has been really the start started the majority of the snaps. This year a graduate transfer from the university of Iowa. But at the offense has stalled a little bit under with him under center. Mike glass, a Juku transfer has come in a more mobile type of quarterback and has really been a sparks albeit excited. He's been injured a lot this season. So if he gets in the game, he can be a spark plug that offense to teams that turned around their program. They have made it to the rate com. Media camelia ball, and it's typically a good one. Last four years. The chameleon ball has not been decided by more than five points, all one possession games. And we're looking forward to bringing it to you. All right, gentlemen. Thanks so much in Georgia. Southern the other thing about them is they don't make mistakes or give it away plus twenty two turnover margin this season that's best and the F B S six better than the next closest team. Eagles have committed only five turnovers this season, which would be a new FBI single season record. If they don't commit one in this game. If that is today's Home Depot next gen stat. The Home Depot the next generation of home improvement with everything you need to do projects smarter. The Home Depot. More saving more doing coming up next. Second half kickoff between the act of Utah state in the mean green of North Texas. This is the New Mexico bowl on ESPN radio and the ESPN..

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