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And now it is time suck time line time hailed. Nimrod shrimp on those boots soldier. Were marching down a time. Summertime line are. Let's really start at the beginning understand. Russia understand. I've long before the birth of Ivan the terrible way back in the seven th century BC. Is Russia really started when some Greeks started some colonies on the coast of the Black Sea? And when since ancient tribes of nomadic warriors who originally lived in what is now southern Siberia began to occupy the southern Russian step mill millennia. Later in the third century see goths settled on the western steps of Russia. None of them. To my knowledge were trenchcoats were black makeup or made a habit at craven other classmates but they were nonetheless century later in the fourth century see. The huns invaded southern Russia. A century before the famed Tila would lead these fierce warriors to conquer an empire that stretched from Central Asia to Present Day France Bulgar Turkic semi nomadic warrior tribes settled Middle Volga region in the fifth century which encompasses the drainage basin of the Volga River. Longest River in Europe and central and southern European Russia more genes mixed into early Russian gene pool. Three hundred years later the Kosovars. Another Turkish tribe take control the steps and settled near the Volga Eastern Slavs also established himself at Kiev in the south. And it's knob garage and the north the century more genes mixed in in the ninth century. Scandinavian make contact with Constantinople and began to keep trade route open to the south and important man named Rick is established as a leader at the settlement of now. Garad Rick was a viking chieftain. Who arrived in the Lagoda region of Modern Day Russia? And eight sixty two. He founded the first significant dynasty in Russian history called the Rubric Dynasty. Old School. Russian like the original. Og The sent into this dude with rule. Some part of Present Day Russia continuously for twenty one generations until sixteen twelve seven hundred and fifty years Ivan. The terrible a of this man and eighteen eighty to one of rubrics fellow Vikings Olek of Nov garage founds the Russian stated Kiev's now the modern day capital of Ukraine a century and several rubrics later between nine eighty and ten fifteen Prince Vladimir the great converts from Paganism to Orthodox Christianity and rules the Roof Dynasty while spreading his new found religion. His Son Yaroslava. The wise rains from ten nineteen to ten fifty four grand prints establishing written code law and Kiev becomes a center of politics and culture in Eastern Europe in eleven. Forty seven CE. Moscow is mentioned for the first time in historical documents. Just a tiny little trade now post on a hill and eleven fifty. Six the first Kremlin. A wooden stockade is built in Moscow. Just north of the Moskva or Mosk Moscow. Moskva River a Kremlin by the way that means a fortress inside a city. Numerous Russian cities have Kremlin's today the name synonymous with the Russian government. In the same way the White House is synonymous with the US. Government the Kremlin's twelve twenty three see. The Mongols began to conquer the works between twelve. Thirty seven and twelve forty. The Mongols returned to finish conquering Keven. Roose destroying cities including Kiev and Moscow. The Con- AKA leaders of the Golden Horde also sometimes referred to as toddlers tortures Donna. Different pronunciations will rule Russia until fourteen. Eighty just fifty years before Ivan. The terrible born fifteen thirty. The Golden Horde was a fragment still large and formidable of the ones gigantic Mongol Empire that would further fragment over time into various nations called konitz become Islamic nations in the fourteenth century. The the leaders of the golden horde centers of Genghis. Kahn James Caan during the conquering Batu. Khan's grandson burns. The city of Moscow and his Kremlin to ground for the first of many many times in Moscow will burn in twelve thirty eight Moscow. Very very burnable as you're GONNA learn today. The center of the Orthodox churches moved from Kiev to Moscow in thirteen twenty six. The cornerstone laid for the Cathedral of the assumption and Thirteen Twenty Eight Eastern Orthodox Metropolitan See Aka archbishop officially transferred the city of Vladimir to the ones tiny trading post of Moscow. Moscow star is rising also Yvonne that Kalita Ivan the first key figure in Russian history becomes grand prints of the Grand Duchy of Moscow Aka Muscovite that pays taxes or to it's Mongol overlords so it's not raised to the ground again. I've the I would grow the wealth and power of Moscow into one of the richest principalities in Russia by utilizing relative calm and safety of the northern city of Moscow to entice a larger and wealthier population to move their head. Some Tourism Board version of move to Moscow. Sure it gets cold but we get burned to the ground less maybe butchered by invaded. Maybe less than some other places. Thirteen thirty seven Moscow. And much of the Kremlin burn again. No Marauders this time. Just random fire in a wooden city. It didn't have modern firefighters whole ninety nine years since last massive fire. So you know life still pretty good Moscow. It's going to be so much more burning to come I've in the first begins rebuilding the Kremlin and thirteen thirty nine orders it's Pine Palisades to be replaced with oak walls. Which were I guess? Slightly less Bernie slightly less apt to burn up. Things are good for a little over decade. Thirteen fifty three the black death the play gravity is Russia claiming Ivan's disciple and successor Simeon..

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