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The first ours remove remove any of the triggers that might be causing indigestion or any any other issues then replace so we're place any of the things that you might be missing the glue mean the prebiotics audifax fiber not that feeding the bacteria there the third are is re inaugurating yourself with the good bacteria. Factoria probiotic another thing you might need to replace a lot of people have low stomach acid which causes okay because I can. I know immediately when I eat something that I shouldn't 'cause I can. I can feel heal Africa. Yeah Yeah so you know some people as we get older cells that produce acid aren't as effective we start to lose all cells sells as we get older than so sometimes taking a supplement or replace. Iowa Clark acid can help with digestion. I mention the probiotics by auto repair so that's going to be glued means zinc vitamins. ACN E hope to repair got and then finally is rebalance and so that that's where the mind body component to help you know whatever practice it helps you to de stress. Stress is a huge trigger forgotten. She is as you know I do know that too. Well Yeah and so making sure you know doing all of those on a daily basis and getting that consistency series got can heal he'll then you can be a place to reintroduce things feel tolerate them better. Well well some awesome what else a lot to think about it is and it can be overwhelming at bet you take one step at a time to start healing the gut and I you know what concerns me is all the chemicals that were ingesting breathing drinking. You know that we have no control over right. And how can we monitor that. You know I mean that's a serious issue. I totally Enderle. Geo Engineering the aluminum strontium barium sulphur nitrate. It's like Oh my God. So how do we the one thing that I did learn was for or the aluminum because of the Alzheimer's effect from aluminum is Dr Russell Blaylock is narrow surgeon and he I watched his video and he he's done extensive research on on Alzheimer's and he said I've been doing this since I heard him. Talk talk about this suggesting is taking saffron okay so I get it in capsule form and I've been taking it probably a year and a half. Maybe two years and it blocks the aluminum from going into yourselves bath amazing. I'd heard that Dr King Katie glad to share it because his if we can save our minds from a natural yeah you know that's why I love herbs so I'm so glad you mentioned that who's so many herbs like Cilantro Parsley garlic. I mean the list goes they all can help fight some some of these heavy metals and so you can throw them in smoothies. I put a handful of Salon Tro or basil or Parsley and my green smoothies and simply doing that every day. You can help your body be able to read some of those heavy metals and then another thing I recommend to all my the patients and what most of them do whenever we start their treatment is going through a metabolic detoxification program where it's either ten or twenty the eight day depending on how they get how severe their symptoms are ten or twenty eight day program where it's a blend of an elimination diet et removing all this triggers and then taking supplements and smoothies butter just jam packed with vitamins and minerals and Co factors does that help to increase your liver and your kidney talks processes and it clear hopes to reset as has we're constantly exposed to all these toxins and your body can't keep up with demand. There's only so much you can do before okay. Well Guess yes. We're going to develop cancer on that note. How can you antidote it on a mental spiritual level and like spiritually detoxing. That's where I mean. I think on a daily basis and all throughout the day meditating. I'm I'm all I have. My affirmations that I say to myself is our mind can be a very toxic place and I think we're almost almost wired to think negative thoughts over positive ones like it's just our conditioning is true and I remember I was involved with the religious science of mind I learned and I remember vividly where I was at the time and everything and I would stop stop whenever I caught myself doing native and I'd scream up you know just because I wanted out yeah and I did that. I don't know how many times but it's like. No you don't go there. Just don't go there. Your mind is like a child old. You know it's GonNa be crazy tantrums and be irrational and let's the EU guided yes yeah and so you know I find meditation. It'd be such a powerful tool to train my mind to focus on the good that I wanNA create think the thoughts even whenever I don't want to is it's a a lot more convenient at times can fall back and then just repeat that happened and just like relive it over earn over and over in your mind but we experienced sanity. Look at everything that we think your brain your subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between reality and what's in the mind and so if you're constantly reliving those negative experiences. It's like it's happening again over and over that affects your body that affects everything that's one of the major triggers for disease those unresolved issues and I think so important for for people to learn to listen how you know listen to their bodies. I know when I first started doing and I'm certainly haven't mastered it but you know it. It's like we need sometimes to be guided. Have Have you really listened to your body so programmed way from that especially women right. Yes we it. It's just time I think it's being patient with ourselves and not judging ourselves part of unconditional love. Yes you know it's so easy to go into meditation. Your thoughts start to wonder and you're like. Oh shoot out bad. It's not that meditation uh-huh switching which right and you can do that once you get in the habit of it. It's true yeah you know recognizing being that everything's in flow you know your mind is. GonNa flow somewhere else and then you can gently bring it back but it's just like training like you know when I yeah when I was a little kid starting out gymnastics seal. I couldn't do everything but you know ten years later I was doing things. I never could have imagined I would have done now. I have the opposite thing I couldn't do gymnastics because I have a back like a congenital back. Oh ooh I couldn't do it. Hurt like heck I was. I was a fabulous athlete. That's amazing what other G do days softball well track basketball awesome. you know biking. Nice still bike. I still must be beautiful for biking around here it is there's a lot of paths that aren't too hilly but you can do the big hill but thank. I'll stay away from that. I'm not I'm not conditioned for it with out. You know if I if I really want to so you know you can do anything you put your mind to. That's right. If you want it bad you just have to want better now. Obsessed obsessed with anything in life. You know what we don't. We have like not even four minutes left so just blew by yes so if there's something that you want to share that really is you know like those nuggets those wonderful you know the Golden Nuggets of information sharing please great shared with a lot of information and I think it's really important you know now to really revisit the gut health. Totally I mean I keep getting it like I said I've talked to two doctors recently and they got it all starts with the gut via so stop eating sugar one thing get the cigarette. The Diet sugar is poison. Isn't it stays in your cells. It feeds cancer. Oh so the diction it's I mean it's more addictive than cocaine yeah they've done studies and so you know we wonder why obesity and Diabetes Alzheimer's and cancer like why these are us there so prevalent and like eight nine years old and diabetes. It's destroying US and so get out the Diet. It'd be nugget number one but on more of just life nugget. I would just say listen to your gut. I feel like we woman where we're much. Better at following our intuition right at you know whether it's listening to your gut and tuning into what you're feeling denying. I'm not denying it. Is How many times have you gone into an interaction with. Somebody and you just felt like something's just not right. Are are your gut telling you something's not right you move forward with it and then it falls apart. Well listen to you. Listen to your gut your good yeah so we all have a powerful enter. Guide our gut intuition. We're connected to higher source and ourselves but we're willing to listen to that. You know your life can take a totally different direction and that's how I ended up on the path. I am now -solutely resigning from residency where I was sure to you know be successful in a traditional setting being and then not having any plans not knowing where I was going just knowing that I was literally dying inside like feeling like turmoil in my gut feeling depressed and you know practically suicidal. I knew I had to do that for my own. Sake or I wouldn't be here today right and so if the more you deny your got the more misery you'll be and whether that's physical mental or spiritual so connected hugh the U. N. Ted. What's going on meditate and you know find a way whatever works for you. You know not everybody well. There's so many different yes of of meditation and experimented with a bunch of different ones before it got to where I could just go right into it yeah and that's what's so beautiful as I need just says numerous as we are as people in our personalities and everything there's a modality for for everybody so it's I love of it. Yeah yeah well. It shows thank you so much for coming and sharing your wonderful information and US guidance. Definitely.

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