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This is the one that had the most people that i was not familiar with savannah evans. Everybody's me with her at her and ellie. Both benny dark work savannah. Evans did defending winner from last year So as long as you got this category she's not signed to a contract somewhere she's going to be on this list Can can you walk us through some of these. Some of these other folks. You have a number of incoming coming talents here who were starting to get a lot of attention. ella in v. Caitlyn marie were to that. Really just sort of popped up this year and have gotten a lot of attention for having you know you really could have had considered to the year. Because they've had a number of matches going back and forth with each other at a number of different for oceans in the carolinas Both very talented young ladies Sadie lee moss the presentation. She has of being like the in some cases the caring mom but then also the kind of evil step mom almost you and bring cookies to the ring and whatnot. she's really something to see their. In very entertaining samantha. star courses. The belder of baby doll. They're checking their third generation star Very talented young lady and selena. Rose she again is in that same vein. Caitlyn marie and ill. Nb in that she's an upcoming talent making a lot of waves there Again a lot of really grow but down at people on this list year and there's gonna be more coming two of the success that these ladies will have in the future at least that's my hope anyway because ladies wrestling with it. It has a place in definitely deserves to be highlighted. Your elliot's is somebody See her lot in. Georgia made her in a blanket. Logo travel everywhere tennessee and carolinas. They wrestling florida. That's where they're out of. Let's get to see her. I mean she has steadily improved an alien elliott savannah in particular savannah evidenced have both been in situations where there wasn't female talent so they've had to wrestle in intergener- matches and in most cases more than held their own. And so again. It's it's nice to see some of these ladies there. They're just new and become boundless for this. It is savannah she is. She's gotten better every year years. Emily and ellie she is another tremendous town in terms of being able to have the energy gender matches and stay in.

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