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Beaver stadium I know that's on. yes. and that voice is meteorologist dean devore who also he is the voice that over a hundred and six thousand people here every home game at Penn state's beaver stadium hello good morning good morning it's not only Penn state song that is played on stage buy it online commerce St Shumway to stay okay well thanks I for sure right now so it was a touch down version right there because we have a little pause while we kick the field goal that's how that goes. is there an unwritten rule that you do not open the microphone while that song is played try not to anyone and that then again and the the touchdown version we try to let them go while they play that they kick the field goal and a little pause and then kick the extra point and they finish out there at the end and then yeah we usually just give the scores that's going on and move on fifteen how long have you been doing this now well the the stadium during the game this is my twenty eight season wow congratulations and one twenty five Hey I know it's getting getting old that's what's happened is afraid if it's it's been a labor love though and it's going to be another great Saturday the weather's a question right guys yeah look at this forecast in and the new little wrinkle you know some of the models now we've been looking at this tropical disturbance I know you're saying brain talking about tropical stuff and we're talking about the Penn state pit forecast but I think it has kind of a an action reaction because some of the models now are saying that this tropical wave that's going to the Bahamas here in the next day or so actually starts develop a little bit earlier and could get stalled out and maybe instead of going into the golf where it looked like it was going and then they would allow this front to come through pretty easily on Saturday it may hang on and I think slow that front down so for the game itself I think varying amounts clouds we're looking at clouds maybe a little sun timing of the actual front and I think any time during the game we could see a shower if the front slows down enough I'm worried about the longer we go the more build that we can get in we could possibly add some thunder to that but I think that would be if we're still seeing a shower thunder shower towards the end of the game but if it's early and comes to early I think it's just a shower we'll keep an eye on that as we go through temperatures right now look about sixty seven degrees at kickoff up to about seventy five at the end of the day but we'll keep an eye on that forecast for the game itself yeah but that's not going to affect a hundred and six thousand people packed into the stadium for the final killings and say if there's a lightning in the air well we're going to have to take them out and that's you know we have not you know my twenty year reign we haven't done that yet and actuate that's good right and then what we got all the plans of voice all.

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