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You put it on the T is what he's putting on a T. But then he missed. Strike out on fair. His parents set it up by naming a Mike. I'm just digging through this the other side fell you really are. And and you're continuing to miss Josh Adams is consensus running back twenty eight this week that would put them in flex consideration. Would you start them over the Shawn McCoy n- Frank gore? Do johnson. Over over shady. I don't know about Frank gore. Yeah. If Kenyan Drake I mean that that's a health thing with him. Kenyan Drake happens to miss this game. Then Frank gore goes from you complain in a pinch to you should probably put Frank gore in a line of just based on volume. I think I'd play Adams over all those guys. I agree. There'd be some assessment. There of Drake missed but giants defense twenty thirty gets fantasy running backs twenty four points game. Josh Adams had the big play. And and they continue to give him the ball. I am fine with Adams. I don't think he's a bad play. Mike talked about alshon. You got the confidence. I do. All right. I and I really like that. I love that start of the week. I made a note here just looking at my rankings and the match and everything I to to bump alshon up because a lot of times there's just so much recently bias, and you know, the eagles look bad last week. So then we we don't have these guys a little high enough in rankings just from what we saw and this should be a great week for AL's, Sean. So I I like that. Quick update while we're here. Yes. Can you Kenyan Drake as practicing again in a non contact jersey? Frank gore. Yeah. Does he what is his injury shoulder? Okay. I was wondering that towns a lot like one of those. Hey, let's not heard of rib. Let's not hurt shoulder before. Gained. I bet he's active based on that report. You hope so you play in Mr. Kenyan, Drake. Yeah. You made a little dynasty trade for him. We were all surprised the problem paid up for the problem. We Drake fan you like the Drake. Yes. Love the Drake. You call cellphone, Drake. Yeah. How does it feel pretty good feels bad the two eight forty Niners? We we also have an update here from our community tab poll from last episode to break it down. So we had this whole discussion debate about ally. Manning Philip rivers are the hall of famers. So we had four options ally gets in Philip rivers should get in both should get in or neither should get in the leading poll option from you foot clan over on YouTube on the community tab is that both should be inducted. Second place is that only Philip rivers should be inducted, very few people believe only allies should be inducted. And then about a quarter of you think that neither should be inducted. And I would agree with a quarter of you, very interesting. It's always a fun hypothetical game to play where you say. Okay. What if ally was a ridge? Really going to be a charger. I mean, he he said he wouldn't go there and Philip rivers. If he was a giant would he have been capable of winning those titles? Just yes, I think both will. Yeah. I mean, it's easy to say. Yes. Because we all believe Philip rivers. They better pure quarterback than Eli manning. So being a better peer quarterback and being a better clutch quarterback. Those can be different different things. True. So the two eight forty Niners take on the three and eight buccaneers this game seven fifty five. What did I say three and eight? Oh soon to be. Now, this is a three and a half point line. The buccaneers favored fifty five point over under. And we talked about Nick Mullins already. This is a great implied team total for the San Francisco forty Niners..

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