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He before he was shot dead by police correspondence cider reports nineteen year old Centeno llegan took to social media before the attack on his Instagram he talks about the Gilroy garlic festival and items there being too expensive and then he talked about a white supremacist book it is filled with misogyny anti Christian anti somatic really racist and race baiting filled book that he recommended people to read the Senate's top Republican is defending his decision to block election security bills in Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans are trying to stop the legislation because it's a Trojan horse for democratic proposals well I'm not gonna let right Democrats and their water carriers in the media use rushes attack on our democracy as a Trojan horse for partisan wishlist items that would not actually make our elections can you start Democrats are complaining McConnell last week blocked election security bills in Congress despite former special counsel Robert Muller is warning that Russian interference is still going on Linda Kenyan Washington two US service members have been killed today in Afghanistan is the trump administration works to end the nearly eighteen year old war the incident brings a number of US troops killed in Afghanistan this month to three and at least eleven have been killed in two thousand nineteen so far about fourteen thousand US troops are stationed in Afghanistan as part of the US led NATO mission to train assist and advise Afghan forces and to carry out counterterrorism operations despite talks between the United States and the Taliban of violence in the country continues by micrometers on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average closed up twenty nine points the S. and P. down five the nasdaq off thirty.

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