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Here's financial editor Len Walter. Ladies and gentlemen, opposing Good morning. All of the stocks are weaker. Here is part of the indexes are concerned the dollars given up 83 point earlier game to be down 44 right now, NASDAQ Down 29 the S and P is down about three here. Stocks did inch a little bit higher. But the trading was very, very subdued. Also there watching the number of Americans father the new claims for unemployment benefits. While they did fall more than expected last week, they remain quite high as the labor market recovery shows signs of strain of it of relentless pandemic and Having fiscal stimulus. Gold is another story here today, Gold mining stops are dropping pretty much across the floor due to fading stimulus hopes, hitting billions lore. You can see it in the price of gold. Right now Down some 30 to 42 $1897. Once again stock selling off now, after earlier attempt to gain two down down 60. This is the low NASDAQ Down 30, 60 S and P Down six Land. Walter News Radio 7 81 5.9 FM, still quite a few challenges because of the thunderstorms that we don't wave throughout the overnight and morning hours vote, Iran will tell you all about it in traffic and weather together on the eights. Also all your top stories, including the latest On the Supreme Court nomination of Amy Cockney Barrett, moving one step closer to reality. It's 9 25 introducing touch free payments from papal a safe way. If your customers to pay simply download the papal app and display your own unique You are code.

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