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Nbc four pinball the motto is live in burbank now we're neighbors are trying to help police find this woman ten that's right carolyn residents say they enjoy living in this neighborhood because it's quiet and it's safe but that mystery woman is now targeting this area which is on the border of burbank and to look alike this is one of those neighborhoods that has a small town feel they've been having big city problems we've had somebody going around opening doors trying to get into people's homes and getting into people's homes and stealing joe shares the neighborhood watch captain for burbank and neighbouring to luca lake which has been targeted by this woman she's been captured on several security cameras going through unlocked cars including the one belonging to linda flirty it was bizarre i think it was absolutely bizarre it's like two thirty in the afternoon broad daylight sunshiny and she just but lately walks up like she owns the place the mystery woman has long dark hair was wearing boots with white the socks and carrying a large black bag with the white chanel logo she walks away like she owns the place it's just crazy we've got to get her off the streets residents are posting these fliers warning each other on facebook and the next door app it's pretty brazen it's pretty ridiculous karen coatings home was burglarized on the same day florida's car was ransacked forcing coning to change the way she lives on my doors twenty four seven that windows unlocked twenty four seven i mean it kind of sucks because i mean in burbank on one time and that's not how people usually live here which is probably why she's targeting this neighborhood this is not the first time this neighborhood has been targeted last month the burbank police arrested two men for a string of thefts in parked cars in the woods neighborhood which is very nearby reporting live in burbank kickball auto nbc four news tim thank you a packed house is expected at the san dem a city council meeting tonight on the agenda whether the city should reject the state's sanctuary law that state law puts limits on how much local law enforcement can help the feds track undocumented immigrants the council planned to hold a private study session on the.

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