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Brad, are you there? Oh, we lost Brad. All right, let's go to will in North Carolina will. What's up? Alyssa. How's it going? What's on your mind? I just wanted to say, I'm kind of like Jay if I had my in my crosshairs because I think he was a little moody, Friday afternoon. And he was bashing the North Carolina school systems saying that we can't get anybody to come watch the games. And I'm going to Appalachian state and warm. So if you could take a note and ask him what he thinks about the Appalachian, the Appalachian primarily now in North Carolina school systems and I was going to give your thoughts, I think gang days coming to on Saturday to the Appalachian game. So stock up for the North Carolina school systems which Paul walks to convey a bash even that he lives in North Carolina. So and please, please don't take any calls from Matt from Matt from Texas today. Go mountaineer, see you. I love it, will. Thank you for the call. I will say no bashing North Carolina school systems for me 'cause I grew up in the North Carolina school systems here in Charlotte. I actually applied to Appalachian state almost ended up going there. What a beautiful campus and college game day is going to have the best backdrop. Will, before we let you go, what has to be the order for people if they go visit and they go to the Daniel Boone in. What do they have to get? It's primarily like a family style anyway. So you get a whole bunch of everything. And last time I was there, it was just cut your hand and it's primarily a lot breakfast stuff. I've never really dinner there, but I mean, they got fried chicken, everything. All kinds of southern southern comfort booties, I guess you could say, but it's family style, so go hungry to do it. I love that. 100%. Take it easy on Jimbo fish or even though maybe you should have took out Haynes king. Maybe it had time, but everybody goes, take it easy on jimbos, just like what happened to calipari and the NCAA tournament overreactions, but just take it easy on my man, Jimbo, but go mountaineers a lot. I love it. I can not wait to see what this team does. This coming weekend as will said with game day there, but yeah, we're going to talk more about what this means for Jimbo Fisher and this Texas a and M team as they move forward because if anybody was surprised about this one, it was not coach Fisher who spent all last week talking about this being a trap game. This is a good Appalachian state team. We're going to have to come ready if we want to get out with a win over the mountaineers, which obviously they were not able to do. We're going to take a break here on the Paul fine bomb show. When we come back, more of your calls. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Back to the poll find bomb show. I'm Alyssa Lang. We got plenty of guests coming your way. Conor o'gara at 4 o'clock Eastern Time of Saturday down south to give us his run through on week two, chase good bread at 5 15 eastern of the Tuscaloosa news plenty to talk about with that Alabama, Texas game, and then the final hour, Spencer hall, and Richard Johnson going to join me here on the set to preview. What's coming up on thinking out loud and of course get their thoughts on Texas, not necessarily being back, but first, we've got Barrett Saleh of CBS sports joining us now. Let's start Barrett with what happened down in College Station with Jimbo Fisher and Texas a and M. I'll start with this. How surprised were you that this game went the way that it did based on what we saw from this team in week one? Thanks for having me, Liza. I was surprised that that Appalachian state was able to own the line of scrimmage in the way that it did. I didn't think that it would win, but I certainly thought that it would cover. I just think when a team like Appalachian state, they're better at quarterback, as chase Brice, in my opinion, is better than Haynes king or anybody else that Texas a and M can try out there right now. And I didn't necessarily anticipate the offensive and defensive lines for Texas a and M to be that bad. But I do think the offensive line has been and will continue to be a problem. So I think for Texas a and M, it's all about how well their defense plays. And their defense did not get Appalachian state off the field. That was the main problem. If that offense is asked to do anything of substance from an explosive standpoint, I don't believe that it can do that. Barrett, you mentioned Haynes king. And I think that's the biggest question now for Aggie fans is do we continue to say see Haines king or do we see max Johnson come in and play some snaps this coming weekend? Do we have a quarterback battle on our hands? What would you do if you were Jimbo Fisher? I would make a change to max Johnson and see what he can do. Unfortunately for tech staying in fans, Jimbo Fisher is stubborn to a fault and have probably played campaign skiing, but I think right now you have to see what max Johnson can do. He's had success in the SEC. He's a little bit more mobile than I think folks give credit for. And really there's nothing to lose. I think you know what you're going to get with Haines king. And that's not good, especially going up against the potential first round draft pick at quarterback and Tyler Van Dyke. So I think let max Johnson cook see what happens. And if it doesn't work out, then you go on to plan C and I don't know if that's wegman or going back to king or whatever, but I think at this point, the offense is limited. I don't necessarily know if it would change if somebody else goes in there because it is Jimbo's offense. And I think he is stuck in a rut from 5, 6, 7 years ago and has an evolved, but I think right now you have to at least consider it. And if it was my decision, I would see what max Johnson can do. And you're going again. If it doesn't work out, you move on to policy. You mentioned Miami's quarterback, obviously Miami coming to College Station this weekend. The biggest challenge that this team will see so far. But then you look at the rest of a and M schedule, then they have Arkansas, Mississippi state, Alabama, South Carolina, all miss. Knowing that the rest of their schedules really going to be challenging until they get to that U mask game on November 19th, where's your panic level with this a and M team as we stand right now? Well, I thought they'd be in 8 and 14 at best. So my panic level is probably different than others, but I didn't think they'd lose the app state. I am definitely concerned they're not going to beat Arkansas. They're not going to beat Alabama. They're not going to be Florida. They're not going to be to omit. So yes, it's a tough situation.

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