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You can do a one. I'm excited about though is during this pandemic there is so little in the way of new that anytime something new comes out you get excited for it. Joins us. Now let's talk to him about first of all, just stand up in general. So how did this thing come to be rob thank you for being on with us. Well, you know I was I was kind of hoping that I could Netflix's we give me a special at the same time. The whole world would be shut down and they'd be forced in their homes so they'd have to watch it and I don't know if I didn't jinx the world, but that just happens to be what happened I don't think do with Dan Trust me how how did it like I didn't know that you were doing a great deal of standup like how did it come to be that you became a standup? I started out as a stand-up most don't even know. That's why I wanted to do this. Special. You know and I'm grateful to Netflix given the opportunity. But I started out as a standup. I mean, literally like David Spade Chris Rock Adam Sandler and I. We're all stand up smacking the and and then made late eighties, and then by the time we had about twenty twenty, twenty, five minutes we were on Saturday night live so I never I never went back to it and and I always ended those guys amazing. Comedians like Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle who had that incredible killer our but because there's no way to do it unless you're out, you know and those clubs and hidden it for years to get good at it. So you know I did a movie with a bunch of guys and you know Adam Sandler and David and Chris Rock and Chris Rock talked me into doing it again and So I've been doing that for the last few years and I finally you know I don't want people to see what I'm doing so. I'm that group rob like who's naturally funniest just standing around not sculpted stand up act but the guy most likely to make everyone else lose it because everyone else says he's the funny. Without Question David Spade without a question I mean Adam sandlers hilariously funny. But he picks his spots but just hanging out with them for sure David Spade and the history of Saturday night live. He's the funniest guy to ever hang out with without question is I mean if you ask anybody on that show who's the funniest guy did hang with and they'll all tell you David spade you do a David spade because. Now David Spade. Hey Buddy. Let me tell you about David spade betting. I. Don't care if you're like. View. Hey Patty you're like in the Middle Ages you drop you off. You know he would. He'd be funny in any era you know and he's a and and Adams brilliantly funny. He would come up with stuff make you scream laughter and then you know Chris Rock has this he will. He'll. He'll stew on some idea and then just break it down for you and and it's you know. Blows you away with his intelligence and how brilliant he is and how he could just kind of show the absurdity of life and intimidating in a way because it just you know man, my mind just does not work that way. What is what is the best story you have for us? It's been reported that Sandler basically just goes on vacation with his buddies and you make movies like you must have a laser that that's the I mean wouldn't you WanNa put that rumor out there about yourself? He worked his tail off. You know you know the idea that like you know Sony pictures or Netflix you know gives you eighty million dollars or fifty million dollars it goes. Okay. You guys. I'm sure you'll figure something out now there's a real process that you gotta go through scripts and whatever, and make sure you write a real good one and over and they get the notes and everything and then, and then only after that, do you take all your friends on vacation with you do a movie? Rob Schneider with us here at ESPN radio was do stand up specials available today on Netflix Doing it the saddest place you ever did it comedy standup talking about? The what what place I'm sorry. The saddest place you you ever did it speaking like, Yoda? I'm just talking to a little sound bytes there. What did it meant because it sounded like you were asking him the saddest place he's ever had sex. That's why clarified. That's why clarified. The answer is both while I was having sexist place, every performed Sometimes you know. I think they'll have to be you know sometimes I do some stuff shows for the military and You know I was in right after. Nine. Eleven we volunteered and flew over Yugoslavia. And well, the former Yugoslavia and you know the It was tough because these these kids were over there and You know really away from from their family and they're really young and just one kid said to me you know you know I joined the army to. To get a life and then came over here and I realized I already had one and I can't wait to get back to it. It is tough room. That's a tough room like I bob. Saggy told the story of like an Alaska Strip club where he came out and the woman before him was like had pie tins with matches lit on her chest and he said that was sad. But that's a tough room war war areas that can't.

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