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We become uncover stories that reveal sites to the world you'd never expect with stories of the intercontinental life at apple podcast google play or wherever you find your podcast somethingyoushouldknow fascinating intel the world's top experts and practical advice you can use in your life today something should now mike carruthers i bet you struggled yourself or know someone who has struggled with depression at some time in their life it's pretty common and maybe you've wondered why people get depressed well mental health is a complex issue but there are some things that seem to cause depression that you may not realize lack of play is one of them play allows your brain to breathe and form the neurons that help you fend off negative intrusive thoughts in his psychology today blog called the decline of play and the rise of mental disorders peter gray connects the rise of depression and anxiety among children and at a lesson with the deterioration of relaxed play in our society antibiotics are another cause at least in studies of mice the use of antibiotics disrupted intestinal bacteria and caused changes in mood and may made them more anxious screen time a british study in twenty thirteen found that children who spent more than four hours a day in front of computer screens or television had lower self esteem and greater emotional problems such as anxiety and depression divorce is certainly a cause of depression a study published in the journal of marriage and family found that divorce had serious consequences on the psychological wellbeing of children both before and after the divorce and that the negative effect could not be attributed to the pre divorce stress within the family and stress in general while some stress is good which is what we're going to talk about later in this podcast too much stress compromises almost every biological system in your body wearing out important organs so that you are vulnerable to mood disruptions and that is something you should know.

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