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So let's go back out. Oracle park for an update. Dave Flemming back with you live here from oracle park where we do have a little bit of news. At least the tarp is coming off the field. They are finishing rolling it up. The rain has stopped the field actually looks great. There's still a little bit of standing water on the warning tracks around the outfield and also some putting in shallow left field where they dumped the water that had accumulated on top of the tarp before they got rid of the tarp entirely. But anyway, that's all good news. If you're joining us here late we are scheduled to have an exhibition game for you tonight. The second to last of the twenty one thousand nine exhibition schedule giants and the aids a traditional bay bridge series giants here in San Francisco after being Oakland yesterday for two games in a row tonight and tomorrow night, and we are in a rain delay. We were hoping to start around six forty five. So it's already been a significant delay. It's gonna take a little longer for us. And we still haven't gotten an estimated start time, but you can. Figure that sometime close to the top of the hour, and perhaps a little bit beyond that. But that that would be a rough estimate based on where they are now in terms of getting field ready to players haven't emerged from the dugouts to start to warm up. When that happens, we will have an even more concrete idea of when this game's going to start at perhaps a giants will give us a start time here sooner rather than later. Sean Anderson against Liam Hendriks hats are scheduled pitching batch up. Lots of giants regulars hoping to play and for some of them perhaps their final tuneup before the regular season starts on Thursday in San Diego. So that's our update from here for now, we will come back at seven forty five local time, and by then I would imagine that we would have a a first pitch time for you. But we'll take a break again and go back into rain delay mode. Hopefully, optimistically rain delay mode is ending now. And we are getting closer to the. Part of a game giants NEA's here from oracle park in downtown. San Francisco a ballgame for you coming up as soon as the weather gets outta here. And hopefully that means sooner rather than later on our candy yard giants radio network. Dave good staff. So we'll check in again out of the ballpark here in exactly thirteen minutes. Seven forty five. We'll get an update on what's.

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