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The prints off the kitchen and the place where the fire should be avenue kitchen if you have coffee break something so the kitchen is also in the right direction. Place in the right direction. We have to what their element in the north badakshan. The fire element in the southeast. That action so all the elements that we know what our fire earth l. tweets all these elements are according to wash. The principles are placed in the right direction in that the building is failed. So soren somebody. In this european epicenter immediately feel this five of energy coming through them and that is what makes it more and the experience even nicer than you'll coming there for any kind of saleh sierra or tom are yes that sounds like a lot like function. I know it always miss that word but It sounds very similar. It is similar man from but it goes much deeper than financially but exc Thought yet just in case our listeners haven't heard before ever what save sut sang and sadhana are. Would you just briefly touch on what each of those mean you read my mind. Nearly because via were saying it. I was thinking by myself. The should i explain this. So of sarah in suchy vineyard do all kinds of actions without expecting something in redoing and this is all called one of the bets of yoga york doing any kind of action. It's all about the action. They could take it all thinking. I need to Get a compliment for this. What i did. Or i need to get something off. People need to see who did this. So anything anything that you do one thing something just to help. But it's still to make sure that developing of others are be He can get off is still and that is what feels that. You could sometimes fee Me make a ford. Roy dow ready for people and we started fighting the forward to very poor people in the country but also people from all over the comet yoga repeat and they do say why they start cleaning all windows. It has a lot of windows and a lot of. We don't want things something they just wanted to save off with the center that's also sale. Don't kind of sailor ide- day go get them and then we have sits on. Erickson itself means You can divide it in. Such needs to in some is in the company of being off of being. The ghetto began so such son is being in the company of the growth. And you should. You should ask now. What is truth so when you go to a birthday party or a barbecue party Beach body or whatever but it's also nice. You didn't company of people but when you go back to your house off the neck biking. You usually feel higher or you. You should be feel not fully energized. But then you go through a set song on gathering murderous meditation. Mary thing month as very speak known. H maybe are all in one boston positive vibration where there is no No place for room are gosh are off talking about negative things. That only buys the thing sitting yuko home from the done. You feel energized during the sits on you feel energized. You feel uplifted because the spirit is being filled with only Off vibration so that is shutdown. We come together at european the same All kinds of mantras medi really knowledge. And you just enjoy being there in this classes vibration and sarah simpson inside sidon. You asked me all my navy. Saturday night though. Southern is nothing more than your spiritual practice. Everything that you do. Nancy has do spinach. it can be just nba or is nausea. Amorous whatever issue b. o. Spiritual practice is called sided. Thank you so much. rt. I think you described those also beautifully and i know my listeners and me as well we our will appreciate having those definitions with us. so rt. I asked this question to almost every guest. I i love to ask us well. What is your definition of yoga. So if i say the phrase yoga is you know how how would you say that sentence yourself if he nipping definition thing about new is that is actually not possible. Because you're can be divine by all kinds of angle. He can say hugh the two thousand kenyatta being guys bringing all the thoughts. Incomplete complete calmness in such a v. that you feel batons which are body. Remind me to a brent. You can also say the yoga gotta masuko. Shouldn't it gives another definition of yoga and you'll guys being skill in action. You'll guys not about doing the ifa. Is you'll last night about delaying. Grandma's but yield is being in your day to day life breath. Sing what you learn on your yoga mat implementing in your daily life. It's the skill all you talk with the gone. Oh you're involved with situations around your in house situations around you involve you so it's the skill To to go Furthering were date today knife. That is yoga. But you'll also being in a state of balance still really benefits. Nothing can shake. You always tell people what did we do on. Our yoga met is exactly what yoga's boasts to be in our day. Deny when i ask you to stand on your yoga might in a difficult position that he's exacly and you need to find your abedin fetish exacly what we need to do in our in our day to day life as a yogi you have to go through difficult situations in your day to day life. You will face them. Each one of the new face difficulty the region but also find your in inbetween that difficult to do nation. That is yoga. That is being a yogi. Daddy's like yoga defines for me to be better than being school wrong. That it's yoga ought to talk to people and implemented at its yoga. So yoga for me is much more than one nation. I can never see yoga. His for me. Your is anything for me. Everything i teach everything i do. That is a. You're you know mighty chair once asked me. do you wanna be a yogi. Do you wanna be a yoga teacher. There was the.

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