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Hello, I'm Emma Barnett and welcome to women's art from BBC Radio four. Now in the prime minister, is asked about the latest party said to have happened in the Downey street garden on the 20th of May 2020 at the height of lockdown one, he only has two words to say. Sue gray, aka, the woman tasked with investigating the slew of parties said to have happened within the corridors of power at the same time the rest of the country were living under the strictest restrictions imposed during peacetime. The prime minister is understood by the BBC to have attended this party along with his wife and around 30 or so other staffers after more than a hundred were invited, and is awaiting the findings of her inquiry. Well, today we're going to look at who Sue gray is the 64 year old top civil servant presently the second permanent secretary at the department for leveling up housing and communities headed by Michael gove. She has quite a job on her hands and is expected to report back within the next ten to 14 days or so. We're also going to ask who else should resign over these parties? Because so far, there has only been one resignation, and it was by a woman, Allegra Stratton, the former press secretary to the prime minister, as she was filmed in a mock press conference joking with number ten staff about holding Christmas parties. She didn't even attend one of these parties. It's understood. Now cast your mind back to May 2020. What were you doing? Or what weren't you doing? We've been thinking about that this morning on the program. We've looked back as to what you were telling us here on woman's are at the time. I wasn't here, but it's there as a matter of public record and we've obviously still got a lot of your messages as well. And just to say, of course, if you're thinking about May the 20th, 2020, that was, of course, the day where we were still having daily press conferences, ministers were going out and telling us not to break the rules, and then that same day, at 6 p.m., more than a hundred staff was invited to the Downing Street garden, bring their own alcohol because of course it has also been a beautiful run of weather..

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