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They give you a little bites, and then it becomes an elephant, and sort of this this idea that you just shared read of these details that went on notice and eventually became something bigger. But then the idea that I kinda wanna touch on here and get your your perspective on for the listeners is you mentioned a sanctuary for failure or or an area for failure. How do you create that environment? I feel like that's something that we all work on and try to get better at but if you had to boil it down to one or two things how. Do you create that failure friendly environment? Yeah. That's a great question. I think personal you gotta prove it. And so I think those that we serve those that we lead when they see across our society across a maybe their own previous experiences when they see instances of kind of instant retribution, and this idea that people are gonna be generalized or discriminated or labeled quickly for an error for mistake that they make it really creates since intimidating exiled. So as news when we start to talk about that. It's always not always. But it is oftentimes can be met with scepticism. Right. Right. And so we have to prove it as an organization we have to I communicate and inspire it. So there's a there's a narrative that you have to speak and deliver to help. Folks, authentically understand that the environment that we're creating as relates to being accepting of failure. Without judge. Without persecution. Without retribution is important. It's critical importance to our organization, and as you commit to that narrative, then stay steady with it in constant with it. Then you get the opportunity to prove it. And so when those moments happen it's met with in embrace. It's met with a process that is designed to encourage their heart. So that they believe and understand in our fully convicted in the idea that what they've done something. Good. And what they have helped to do is something good that will improve the organization now that doesn't dismiss negligence or gross outliers things of that nature, but has an organization as a community in relationship with partners across the country, these safe, havens and sanctuaries as you described them, I think they're important differentiator for us particularly with this small, but he volving niche of. Of the industry and segment of the industry. I appreciate you diving into that mitt consistently communicate and then approve it by showing that you're not just talking the talk, but you're walking the walk and then putting a process around. That's great. And so, you know, we dove into one of the setbacks that you've had, but let's take the other side of that coin and walk us through your most recent or even proudest doesn't have to be recent medical leadership experience that you've had to date. It's a recent scoot, and this probably because it's recent it's the freshest and the it was just a great experience. But the expense had with leaders said Oklahoma state University Medical Center and Oklahoma state University College of health sciences, the hospital in Tulsa sapient hospital for the community in its beacon for the bender insured and uninsured to go and receive care it had been mismanaged neglected in almost treated as a castaway for a number of years. And when I was with mercy we had the opportunity to come in and provide some support the organization leadership support. And and it was just an incredible. Moment, we rallied the co workers of the institution around a shared vision. That was more about the future of medicine that they would deliver in the community, and how critical the their placement in their role in that was to the services and the care available to the most vulnerable, and then we had to stabilize the organization from a financial perspective. And so we executed a financial turnaround plan that was very significant. And we were fortunate to be very successful in that regard..

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