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He's the miami heat that's up today. We're not talking about the miami. We're gonna talk about i. This year's deputy f team the new orleans pelicans. I don't know what baker this team you can catch them on any given night and it's a completely different experience than the last night. I don't know if the players make sense together. Actually i'm pretty sure they don't. I don't really know what the overall philosophy is. I don't know if they're trying to be a playoff team if they're trying to be rebuilding. I'm just constantly confused and there are some optimism because they want a couple of games around people here they go here. Zion and then they get killed last night by the bulls and have one hundred thousand breakdowns. And i guess my first question to you is the pelicans what the fuck you. How many exclamation points can we tack onto that. Wt fd think. But i was hoping you could answer this question. Because i think you're spot on in that it's so much depends your view of this team on when you catch them even just like what stage in the season. You caught them because for a minute. It looked like they were going to live up to their personnel and be a tough minded offensive team. Scrounging out offensive rebounds to get points and just kinda struggling on that in because they're spacing issues the script has completely flipped. And now this is all of a sudden very competent offense. I think park has really driven by brandon. Ingram is i ion williamson. They're making that part of it work but the defense. Jesus christ i mean it is. There is inconsistent defensively as really any team out there. Yeah i would say other than brooklyn. It's the team that's most likely to give up one hundred forty on any given night to any team. That knows what they're doing. I so if you actually look at their stats and you haven't been watching that much and you look at the stats and you look at williamson in ingram and all right. Those guys are having good years pretty efficient. And then you look at lonzo and you look at bledsoe. Lonzo shoot thirty seven percent from three so she and forty percent so going into the season like well. Their guards can't shoot. They're not going to be able to have enough space. Well their guards are actually shooting. Okay but then. When i watch everybody together. I don't have a five-man line-up that i liked like yesterday. They're playing Kyra lewis with He he got a little more run and he's really interesting. Rookies really fast. He's little darren foxy and gave them an energy that i was like. Well maybe this. Maybe i would like this version of the pelicans more. If fast you know now unleash sign a little bed. Go up and down a little bit more. But i still don't know who the other two teammates would be with cairo. Lewis design and branding. And i guess the fundamental question for me is do zion and brandon. Ingram makes sense together on a team. That's actually trying to win the title. I think they make sense on offense but the question was i on really broadly. As who are you going to put the five that's gonna make up for all. He doesn't do defensively right now. That's always been my issue with the idea of playing small and we are putting him at the five his rotations is. Aren't there really the pelicans as a team. If i were an opposing coach. I would say this is a team. We can beat him rotation every they are. Pass away from defensive breakdown every time out on the floor and keep moving the ball. You keep doing what you're supposed to do they will they will mess up in a whether it's undersized guy in the corner doesn't quite rotate over all the way. Jj radic or josh. Hart they try hard. They do what they can. But they're not equipped to be helped rotation defenders. If a guy like zion isn't going to be one so i mean i'm i'm kinda bullish on the anger rooms ion depot in general but i am really struggling to see how you put together those lineups. I can see how they kind of got into this conundrum where they clearly wanted to have some veterans early. Some veterans fell into their lap in terms of what was available and trying to get some pics and make their other moves but long term. It's a weird team to build with. And then you get lonzo into this conversation to and what they want to do with him. It's it's kind of messy. Yes so i look at it. Like how i look like the celtics i think are a good example of jalen tatum. We're fine. i don't mess that up for the next ten years. I feel like we can put pieces around those two guys and create whatever team we want with those two guys and i'm happy because the they complement each other perfectly their exact the two types of guys you would want in the league and where it's going and you can just fit in like if kemba walker somehow play better. Who knows if that'll happen. But the the point guard who can create his own offense. Do some pick and roll stuff. You get a rebounder couple shooters i know at that. Team is When elegant new orleans and you think like all right zion and ingram five years from now. Who do i want next to them. So it's like. Let's start at the five yard. Because i it's clear that they don't wanna play zion at five and i don't blame them. I think the the fantasy we had of disguised could be a draymond green type. Guy defensively like that fantasies gone through you zero sense that like literally zero f. So all right. Let's let's do thought exercise with who just who's at the five with put them with mitchell robinson. Okay what's put a shooter who can defend in the to spot right. Somebody who can look like lure will put luder at there in the to spot love and then and then we'll put like an older point guard. Who knows what the fuck is doing as the point. Maybe like mike conley four years ago now.

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