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Right. If you're going to be wrong number one. It needs to be. Close in number two. It needs to be consistent for both sides you need to own it. If it's going to be a bad call, and you don't do a makeup call mmediately after if it's the low that low pitches a strike every time it's got to be a strike every time it can't be a strike for the first two winnings. And then not a strike the rest of the game or it's not a strike all game. And then and then I didn't get to strike. I mean, I mean, that's it for three up three down. I mean, we can talk about a couple more. You know, Josh Hader, did something that nobody does very often in Craig kimbrel. Did it but Josh Hader? Did it without anybody making contact immaculate inning nine pitches? Nine strikes zero contact. Three strike. Yup. I mean, that's that's ridiculous. It's disgusting. Obviously a little bit of luck involved in there because you the buyers and he guys swing and now you follow ball off all fast. All I mean, it's just one of those things like, you know, what's coming just hit it. But it's tough to do it when it's coming fast. And it's moving as much as it does hater got off to a rough start for the year. Actually, Lorenzo Cain say disaster. But he gave up a home run. Like, you know, it's not box score. But the ball went over the fence, Lorenzo Cain, just saved it. He he kind of blue say the first game. The it doesn't get noticed. Because obviously, you call it the ball, and it's all good. But wasn't a very good pitch since that since that first outing lights out, my doubt. I mean, you know, sometimes it just takes a miniature shake off the rust one hundred percent. And that's another thing you're gonna see it's interesting. You look at guys like kimbrel in Kyko Tikal right now, they're going to suck their first start unless they're doing live BP, which I doubt they are. It doesn't matter. Anyway, you can't simulate can't simulate major league that a bad dealer. You can't do it in any sport. You can't you can go and practice and. Put on the uniform put on the pads and do whatever. But it so you get out there with the crowd the nerves the pressure. The the real hitting crossing you. I mean, you can simulate all you want. But you simulate with a buddy that you went to college with that at Batu two fifty a lot different than Bryce Harper. Absolutely. I mean, and now they're in a little bit of predicament. And I want to talk about this now because Patrick actually brought it up on Twitter today. They're in a little bit of a bind right now. Because if anybody signs either one of them before June, they have to give up a third round pick in a few honestly, sit here and think that these guys aren't going anywhere. Why the hell would you sign them before June? No, there's no reason to unless you are the only way I can think about it. If it's a contender. Like a Yankees Red Sox Cup something like that. Even the Padre shopping Padres. We'll Padres on our content. What I'm saying? Like if you need pitching now. Yeah. Yeah. That they've been talked about that. But say of all goes down or Tanaka tears UCLA or Patrick Corbin goes down a. A guy like that on a team that is expected to make the playoffs. You lose a big time starter, you know, or someone in the Red Sox Bulkin Villepin gets hurt. Someone in the cubs. Bullpen gets hurt. And they already suck. You're gonna be looking at guy. Scrambling other than that the what's the point. Just wait it out. Yeah. Exactly. And I I've still have a feeling that he's gonna wind Kimble's gonna wind up for just because of the fact that you lose cork able I mean, can you imagine finishing with kimbrel?.

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